Portsmouth Magistrates Court

Court Type


Court Address

The Law Courts Winston Churchill Avenue Portsmouth Hampshire
England PO1 2DQ
DX 98494 Portsmouth 5
Court number 1782


Work Type

Criminal ,Family ,Licensing ,Appeals

Contact Phone

023 9281 9421

Fax No

023 9229 3085

Contact Person

Eve Miller (Acting) - Court Manager: 02392 893001
Head of Legal Services: 02392 819421
Magistrates' Court Business Manager: 02392 857917
Court Business Administration Team: 02392 857915 / 857925 / 857945
Family Proceedings (Care): 02392 893069/3014
Family Proceedings (Private): 02392 893011/3091
Case Progression: 02392 857904
Witness Service: 02392 855589
Customer Service Officer: 02392 893000
Criminal Listing: 02392 857992
Fixed Penalty: 01292 711880

Opening Time

9:00 am

Closing Time

5:00 pm

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To contact this court, please use the address and telephone numbers provided above. Sending a message via the Contact Us page will send a message to Net Lawman rather than the court.


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