How the service works

Step 1: Ask us for a cost estimate by completing the form on the next page, describing in as much detail what you need and attaching any relevant documents.

Step 2: We reply with an estimate of the cost and a target completion date.

Step 3: Once you confirm that you’re happy for us to start work, we ask you for any more information we need and then draft a first version of the document for discussion.

Step 4: We refine the draft until you are satisfied.

Step 5: We send you the final version by e-mail.

It is important to note that although our law team is headed by our in-house solicitor, Net Lawman is not a firm of solicitors and is not regulated or controlled by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

  How we charge

  • We give you a fee estimate for the work, calculated on a fixed hourly rate.
  • The charge includes the time we spend discussing your requirements with you as well as the time we spend drafting the contract, letter or agreement.
  • There are no hidden costs such as stationery and office expenses.
  • If you have already bought a document template from us, we take that into account when assessing our estimate.
  • Our hourly rate is about half of that charged by a typical high street solicitor. We know our documents extremely well and don't have to spend time researching the law.

Time taken depends largely on the complexity and length of the document and on how precise are your instructions. This is because discussions about what you want to achieve can add several hours to the total time. Small amendments to one of our existing contracts might typically cost £150.

Our ultimate policy is to provide you with a high quality service at a reasonable price. It is really important to us that we charge you no more than our first estimate. However, the time we spend is largely in your hands. If your instructions are concise and consistent, less time will be spent than if you require consideration and advice on structure, policy and business model.


Option 1: We take payment in advance of the work being started and we credit your customer account. That remains your money until we send an invoice.

Option 2: You can pay by credit or debit card through our site, by cheque or by bank transfer.



   Our service is

fast, simple and low cost - perfect if you want us to:

  • draw a document to your precise requirements
  • customise one of our existing document templates
  • check you have correctly completed a document bought from us
  • edit commercial law documents you have received from a third party
  • draw letters for you to send in your name to any other person



   Types of work we will not undertake

To maintain our expertise in basic commercial law, we do not work on areas of law associated with:

  • litigation or tribunal or arbitration
  • conveyancing
  • tax
  • neighbour disputes
  • family law
  • crime
  • probate
  • international law, marine law, insurance law and certain other fields

  Conflict with our terms and conditions

The terms and conditions which we ask you to approve by ticking your acceptance take precedence over any term set out elsewhere on our website.