Assured shorthold tenancy agreement (AST): furnished house

Use this template to create a tenancy agreement for a furnished or part-furnished house. Written by a barrister who specialises in residential tenancy law, it provides high levels of legal protection and control. Our use of plain English throughout makes editing easy and helps ensure tenants meet their obligations. It is ideal for buy-to-let, and can be reused for multiple properties.

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Create an assured shorthold tenancy for your house

This template allows you to create an assured shorthold tenancy agreement (AST) - the most common type of tenancy agreement for letting a house. It is based on our standard AST template, but partially edited to suit a furnished or part-furnished house in order to save you time.

Strong legal protection for landlords

Residential tenancy law favours the tenant rather than the landlord. No agreement can get round that. As a landlord, the key to letting safely is to have a document that protects your rights as strongly as possible within the framework of the law. This document is written by a barrister who specialises in residential tenancy law to protect you, the landlord.

Comprehensive menu of options to suit all tenancies

No tenancy is quite the same - each situation requires different terms. This agreement goes further than most others. In this document, we give you a large choice of over 35 tenant promises and restrictions so that you can customise your agreement exactly how you want it. Of course, you can also choose to keep in or take out terms that you would expect to be in such a template but might not need (such as a provision for guarantor and provision to use a separate managing agent) and you are given a choice to select which of the tenant deposit protection schemes you will be using.

Easy to edit and understand

Because of the structure of the document, deleting what you don’t want is simple. Our extensive drafting notes explain more technical points.

Our use of plain English language means that your tenant can never say it was not clear.

No need for a separate guarantor agreement

Many AST templates available on the Internet require you to buy a separate agreement to bring in a guarantor. We include provisions for a guarantor within the document making a separate agreement unnecessary.

Additional included letters and forms make management even simpler

To make property management easier, we have included additional commonly used forms and letters:

  • Draft inventory form (provided in the document, with explanatory notes on how to use)
  • Cold weather letter to remind tenants to ventilate and heat the property
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detector release letter and form

Is an assured shorthold tenancy agreement suitable?

The basic qualifying conditions for an AST are:

  • rent between £1,000 and £100,000 per year
  • short tenancy period: 6 months to a maximum of 6 years
  • the tenant(s) is a private individual and not a company
  • the property will be used for residential purposes only (not business or agriculture)
  • tenants have exclusive occupation of the property let under the agreement

Alternative tenancy documents

AST agreements for other types of property

Each of our AST agreements is edited for a particular type of property to save you extra work. This document has been customised for a furnished house.

If your flat is unfurnished, see Assured shorthold tenancy agreement (AST): unfurnished flat.

If you are letting a furnished or part furnished house, see Assured shorthold tenancy agreement (AST): furnished flat.

If you are letting an unfurnished house, see Assured shorthold tenancy agreement (AST): unfurnished house.

If you live in the same property

If you (the landlord) also live at the property (for example, you are renting a room in your own home), you should use a residential licence agreement such as our Lodger agreement and not an AST. A licence agreement gives the tenant far fewer rights and allows you to give less notice to the tenant to move out. You retain greater control.

Other tenancy agreements

We also stock a full range of less commonly used tenancy agreements for situations where an AST is not appropriate. Search our site using the bar at the top of any page, or see our article on which tenancy agreement to choose.

Terms in this assured shorthold tenancy agreement

This is a comprehensive template that also includes additional forms and letters. Some of the most important provisions in this AST agreement are:

  • Guarantor: essential if tenant is not in full employment.
  • Provision for you to use an agent (perhaps you are the agent)
  • Rent deposit provisions and explanation for tenant
  • Landlord's access: to view or show prospective lenders or buyers
  • Menu of over 40 tenant's covenants (promises) setting out what tenant can and cannot do

The law in this tenancy agreement

This assured shorthold tenancy agreement complies with the Housing Act 1988, the Housing Act 1996, the Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme introduced in April 2007 and updates since then, including the availability of new insurance based tenant deposit protection schemes in April 2013.


This document was written and is maintained by solicitors at Net Lawman to comply with current English law.

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