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Employment contract: standard for any employee

£33.60 inc VAT

A complete contract of employment suitable for all staff below director level in an organisation of any type or size. The document provides strong protection for the employer organisation. The employee may be full time, part time or temporary. Read More

Casual employment contract (zero hours contract)

£33.60 inc VAT

This is a comprehensive employment contract for casual workers. Sometimes known as a casual work contract or a zero hours contract, it places no obligation on the employer to provide work, and pay and benefits are pro rated in line with hours worked. This document covers all legal requirements for information to be given to an employee and provides strong protection for the employer organisation. Read More

Fixed term employment contract

£33.60 inc VAT

A comprehensive employment contract for any organisation that employs staff on fixed term contracts, whether for projects, seasonal increases in work or to cover full-time employees on leave. It is a superb framework for fair, full and easily understood protection of the employer and compliance with organisational requirements. Read More

Employment contract: management level employee

£33.60 inc VAT

A comprehensive employment contract for managers or other senior level staff who are not company directors. It can be used in organisations of any type, any business and any size. Read More

Employment contract: hospitality and leisure industry

£33.60 inc VAT

A comprehensive contract of employment suitable for staff working in pubs, bars and restaurants, at events, receptions or parties, or otherwise in the hospitality and leisure industry. This employment contract provides for unsociable hours, producing and serving food and alcoholic drinks, travel to different locations to work, flexible working, and restraint of competitive trading. It is suitable for any level of staff below the top level of management. Read More

Statement of particulars of employment

£6.00 inc VAT

Official statement of particulars containing key provisions regarding the employment agreement to be provided to an employee when they commence employment. Read More

Employment contract: construction industry

£33.60 inc VAT

A contract of employment tailored to workers in the construction industry: builders, brick layers, joiners, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, scaffolders or any other trade. There is emphasis on having achieved levels of qualification necessary for the position. It is suitable for qualified staff and for part-qualified apprentices, and the employee may be full time or part-time. This employment agreement is written in plain English and is easy to complete. Read More

Working Time Regulations opt-out letter

£6.00 inc VAT

Simple, effective letter to be provided to the employee to prove acceptance of them opting out of the Working Time Regulations requirements. Read More

Employment contract: with service occupancy provisions

£33.60 inc VAT

An employment contract that includes provision for service occupancy - that is where the employee is required to live on business premises in order to perform the job. Example roles would be: caretaker, school housemaster, hotel staff, care industry staff, nanny or other household staff. The contract provides strong protection for the employer. The employee may be full time, part time or temporary. Read More

Apprenticeship agreement

£33.60 inc VAT

This apprenticeship agreement is a variation of our comprehensive standard employment contract, tailored for employing apprentices under the National Apprenticeship Scheme. It complies with the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009. Read More

Employment pack

£58.80 inc VAT

Pack of contracts at all levels, suitable for all employees whatever your line of work. The pack includes a number of employment policies such as the company cars policies, discipline and grievance policies, letters for all types of business as well as notes, information and guidance. Read More

Employee commission agreement

£18.00 inc VAT

A straight forward agreement to arrange for an employee to work in the same way as a commission agent. Use as a stand alone agreement or add the text to a contract of employment. Read More

Job application form

£6.00 inc VAT

All purpose job application form suitable for any business. Option to add / delete parts that do not apply. Read More

Letter to employee: confirming employment post probation period

£6.00 inc VAT

This is a letter to be given or sent to an employee who has completed his or her probation period. It confirms the full time appointment. Read More

Children's nanny contract: live in as employee

£40.80 inc VAT

Contract for parents to present to fully employed children's nanny. Main purpose of contract is to set out the expectations of both sides in plain language without legalese. Covers your obligations as an employer, all that you would expect in a contract of employment with appropriate provisions added for Nanny: qualifications, trial period, your availability, instructions and more. Read More

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