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First page of a horse loan agreement
Product ID: UK-AGReqc07

Horse loan agreement

£16.80 inc VAT

This loan agreement is suitable for leasing a horse or a pony for any purpose, including for competition, casual recreational riding and breeding. The advantage of using a written, comprehensive document like this one is that because each party knows what is expected, disagreements should be minimized and the horse should be looked after as the owner wishes. Read More

First page of a horse care agreement
Product ID: UK-AGReqc09

Horse care agreement

£22.80 inc VAT

This horse care agreement records how a retired or injured horse or pony will be looked after on a long term basis by someone other than the owner. Read More

First page of a stallion insemination service agreement
Product ID: UK-AGReqc11

Stallion service agreement

£30.00 inc VAT

This is an agreement for use primarily by any stallion owner as his standard terms, setting out clearly the mare information and warranties he needs, and terms for reservation, attendance, payment, certification, live foal guarantee. It is suitable for the owner of any pony, sport horse or special breed stallion. Although drawn primarily to protect a stallion owner, this agreement sets out matters important to the mare owner as well. It is likely to be acceptable to both parties without much editing. Read More

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