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Product ID: UK-AGReqc01

Livery agreement

This comprehensive contract is suitable for any professional yard.

The document can be presented to the horse owner as terms and conditions on a “take it or leave it” basis or it can form the basis of individual arrangements. It allows for different packages of services: full and partial.

Although it is written to protect your interests as strongly as possible, we have considered what your clients will think when you send it to them. We use wording that will not worry them that they have to see a solicitor before they sign.

We provide for everything you might want in the agreement with your clients and give you strong legal protection. The document covers:

  • details of services and prices
  • terms for use of additional facilities such as a cross-country course
  • care of equine including veterinary call-out
  • insurance
  • safety
  • basic facts about the horse and disclosure of any vices

The disclaimers also include cover for a situation where you are asked to ride a client’s horse.

As well as setting out the contractual terms, you can also use the document to explain how the yard works and to set down your practical rules and expectations.

Suitable for use in: England & Wales and Scotland
£34.80 inc VAT (£29.00 ex VAT)
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Product ID: UK-AGReqc07

Horse loan agreement

Use this agreement to loan an equine for any purpose, including for competition, casual recreational riding and breeding.

Using a formal written document may seem unnecessary between friends, but it is in the interests of both parties, the long-term friendship and the horse.

Because each party knows what is expected, disagreements should be minimised and the equine should be looked after as the owner wishes.

It covers far more practical issues than the BHS version and provides stronger legal protection. The contents include:

  • responsibilities of rider for care and maintenance including the condition of the animal, tack and supplies
  • risk and insurance: sets out which party is responsible
  • warranties (promises) relating to the condition and the history of the horse
  • condition of the loan that rider shall compete (optional)
  • special provisions for brood mares (optional)
  • the supply to the owner of documents and record of achievement

The document can be used whether the loan is for free or for a payment

This document could be used to loan:

  • an equine to be ridden for a specific purpose such as training, competition experience, or conditioning
  • a brood mare to take a foal
  • an equine to be ridden for recreation
Suitable for use in: England & Wales and Scotland
£16.80 inc VAT (£14.00 ex VAT)
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Product ID: UK-AGReqc02

DIY livery yard agreement

This is full livery agreement for yard owners who provide “do-it-yourself” livery services to horse owners.

The yard owner provides a loose box and basic facilities, but the horse owner feeds, exercises and generally cares for the equine.

This agreement is based on our standard livery agreement, but sets out your reduced responsibility for the equine while it is on your property.

Suitable for use in: England & Wales and Scotland
£34.80 inc VAT (£29.00 ex VAT)
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Product ID: UK-AGReqc13

Horse sharing agreement: competing

This is a shared ownership agreement for a sport horse, where one of the owners is a competition rider, and the other a financial backer.

Sharing ownership of a sport horse has advantages for both the rider a backer. It can give a rider a financial or motivational incentive to perform, and it can reduce the upkeep costs and the responsibility of the backer.

Just as in any business arrangement, an informal agreement can lead to numerous problems later. The aim of this equine sharing agreement is to set out not only a record of ownership, but of agreed responsibility: for management, care and competitions. With it, backers will find that they aren't just a source of finance.

Matters covered include:

  • Safekeeping of any passport and other records
  • Care standards, and location and terms of stabling
  • Agreement in which events to compete
  • Expenses
  • Third party services: including vet, farrier and physio
  • Termination of the agreement
Suitable for use in: England & Wales and Scotland
£22.80 inc VAT (£19.00 ex VAT)
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Product ID: UK-AGReqc10

Horse training agreement

This agreement is your route to happier clients and less worry about what might go wrong.

Without the terms of training written down, it is likely that at some point you will disagree with a client about exactly what level of service you are providing and what he should reasonably expect from you.

In particular, it covers you against expectations of faster progress than is possible, claims of deterioration in your care, and repair costs for damage caused by a client’s equine.

This document has been designed to be used by a professional horseman-trainer working with clients’ horses at his own yard or establishment.

There may be specialism in: backing young horses, remedial training, bringing on inexperienced equines, or training lessons for the owner.

The agreement is also suitable if you are taking a friend's equine as a one-off favour for a few months.

The document includes:

  • optional, full provisions for livery and rider training
  • obligations of the horse owner, including to disclose vices
  • disclaimers, including for the situation when you are asked to ride a client’s horse on your land
Suitable for use in: England & Wales and Scotland
£22.80 inc VAT (£19.00 ex VAT)
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Product ID: UK-AGReqc03

Horse sale agreement: buyer's version

This agreement is a simple way to protect yourself as a buyer of a horse or pony.

It is very hard to ascertain whether an equine has any problems or vices at a viewing, even when a vet has assessed the horse's medical condition.

By using this sale agreement, you obtain the seller's promise (warranty) that there are no undisclosed problems. If there subsequently turn out to be, then it is the seller who becomes responsible for them, not you.

Using this document could not only save your thousands of pounds but also much anguish over dealing with a horse that you cannot ride.

Suitable for use in: England & Wales and Scotland
£22.80 inc VAT (£19.00 ex VAT)
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Product ID: UK-AGReqc12

Horse share agreement: recreational riding

Horse sharing is a fantastic way of reducing the costs of ownership. However, many informal arrangements turn sour because of disagreements about cost or responsibilities for care, access and use.

This agreement sets out ownership and responsibilities. It covers a lot of points, and is suitable for both high value and low value transactions.

We haven't used any legal jargon, so the document doesn't seem overly formal for an agreement between friends. It will however, protect your investment in the equine, and help prevent disagreements.

This agreement could be used when:

  • buying a new horse with a friend and sharing costs and riding time
  • selling a share in an equine you already own in order to reduce your financial or time commitment to looking after it
  • buying with someone else to allow a third party to ride (such as buying with an ex-husband, where the rider will be your daughter)
Suitable for use in: England & Wales and Scotland
£16.80 inc VAT (£14.00 ex VAT)
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Product ID: UK-AGReqc04

Horse sale agreement: seller's version

Sale agreements are usually written to protect the buyer because it is the buyer who takes the risk if the horse is not sound.

This document is drawn to protect the seller. It can help re-balance the strength of the deal back in your favour:

  • by offering an agreement you are likely to come across as a professional and trustworthy seller
  • by giving warranties (promises) you can reassure a nervous buyer to buy
  • if there are potential problems, you can remove your warranty relating to it without bringing the removal so obviously to the buyer's attention
  • you can choose terms around payment and delivery that suit you rather than the buyer

Of course, this agreement is drawn in terms to which a reasonable buyer would not object.

Suitable for use in: England & Wales and Scotland
£22.80 inc VAT (£19.00 ex VAT)
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Product ID: UK-AGReqc11

Stallion service agreement

This is an agreement for use by any stallion owner as his standard terms.

It covers arrangements where a mare is liveried with a stallion for live service, or where a mare is artificially inseminated on a stallion owner's premises.

Generally it sets appropriate expectations between the two parties so as to minimise disputes over the terms of the deal, and limits the liability of the stallion owner.

Although drawn primarily to protect a stallion owner, this agreement sets out matters important to the mare owner as well. It is likely to be acceptable to both parties without much editing.

The document covers:

  • for the mare owner to provide full information about the mare against firm warranties
  • livery arrangements
  • a live foal guarantee and terms for free return (repeat service in case of failure to become pregnant)
  • an option for a veterinary check on the mare's fertility if she does not become pregnant after the first “season”
  • details of the stallion and owner warranties
  • reservation
  • sale of semen and payment arrangements
  • service certificate
  • veterinary call out
  • disclaimers and limitation of liability
Suitable for use in: England & Wales and Scotland
£30.00 inc VAT (£25.00 ex VAT)
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Product ID: UK-AGReqc09

Horse care agreement

This agreement records how a retired or injured horse or pony will be looked after on a long term basis by someone other than the owner.

The owner initially loans the equine to the carer for the agreed purposes at no cost. The carer assumes all responsibility for the care of the equine and pays all costs (such as farriery and veterinary charges).

Ownership passes to the carer after a given period if neither party terminates the agreement before that date. This allows the owner to become confident in the quality of care provided before abandoning the horse to the carer completely.

Using this document prevents worry and confusion over the terms of the loan and, in particular, makes clear who pays for what outgoings.

Suitable for use in: England & Wales and Scotland
£22.80 inc VAT (£19.00 ex VAT)
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Product ID: UK-AGReqc06

Horse sale commission agreement

This is a livery agreement where the yard owner acts as an agent in the sale and receives a commission if he sells the horse. In addition, he receives livery fees while the equine is on the yard.

The yard may have superior facilities in which to allow the seller to demonstrate the horse's ability, riders on hand who can get the best out of the equine, and surroundings that impress buyers; and the owner doesn't need to spend time arranging viewings, answering questions, or being at viewings.

Key features of this agreement include:

  • same provisions for livery as our standard livery agreement
  • the yard owner can choose to evaluate the horse before accepting the instruction to sell
  • a choice of alternative commission arrangements including fixed sum and percentage of the sale price
  • the procedure for selling is covered in full
  • recourse to yard owner if horse causes damage
Suitable for use in: England & Wales and Scotland
£34.80 inc VAT (£29.00 ex VAT)
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Product ID: UK-AGReqc05

Horse sale agreement: high value transaction

This agreement is suitable for high value transactions where the buyer needs strong legal protection.

It could be used to buy any equine, including those for general recreational use, sport horses, racehorses, stallions and brood mares. It is suitable for international sales.

It might be that:

  • the value of the horse is high
  • the consequences of having an unsound horse are costly (for example, the buyer lives far away)
  • the performance of the horse is critical to enjoyment or use (for example, it is being bought in order to event, so it needs to be able to jump reliably)

It is impossible to test everything that might be wrong at a viewing - your new equine might behave perfectly in the seller's arena, but might be impossible to handle at events.

Up to a point, you can rely on a vet for checking medical health, but a vet can easily get it wrong, since he can only assess the equine at a single point in time with limited information. Of course, a vet cannot tell you anything about the horse's temperament, ability or suitability to you.

The only way of protect your interests as a buyer is to insist that the seller makes promises regarding the condition of the equine. If subsequently it turns out that a warranty is false then you can seek damages. This document gives you those warranties.

You can easily remove provisions that you think are unnecessary in your circumstances, or add additional ones that you might require.

As far as possible, we have drawn the agreement so that both sides will be happy to use it.

Suitable for use in: England & Wales and Scotland
£30.00 inc VAT (£25.00 ex VAT)
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Product ID: UK-AGReqc08

Option agreement: to buy horse or pony

This option agreement binds the owner of a horse or a pony to a future sale if the prospective buyer decides to buy.

The prospective buyer pays the owner now for the right to buy later, whether he does so or not, and the right is granted for a limited time period.

Use an option agreement when prospective buyer is seriously interested in buying, but wishes to buy at a later date when he has better information about the value of the horse. Examples might be:

  • when awaiting the outcome of a competition
  • before you have had the opportunity to ride the horse and properly assess its suitability for you
  • before a vet has confirmed that a mare is in foal
  • before the results of a veterinary or drug test have been released

Using an option agreement enables the buyer to prevent any other prospective buyer from purchasing the equine until he has decided whether or not he wants to do so.

The advantage to the seller is that if he thinks that the value of the equine will not increase in during the option period (or if he thinks there may not be many buyers in the future), he guarantees himself a payment now for granting the option, and still has a good chance that he will sell the equine.

The document covers:

  • the buying process in the event that the optioner does decide to buy
  • appropriate optional warranties by the seller: that the horse is sound, and that she is in foal (or not!), or that she has not been fed any prohibited substance
  • for the buyer to take ownership without the involvement of a reluctant seller (the validity of this provision is dependent on the rules of the registering organisation)
Suitable for use in: England & Wales and Scotland
£22.80 inc VAT (£19.00 ex VAT)
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