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Why every start-up should invest in good website terms and conditions

This article explains why it is worth spending time writing your website terms and conditions. More Info

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Your affiliate agreement

General summary of how an affiliate agreement can work for you, which level to choose and the payment options. More Info

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Enforcing your terms and conditions internationally

This article answers the often asked questions whether your terms and conditions are enforceable in another country and whether they can protect you from being sued by a foreign lawyer. More Info

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E-commerce contracts

A guide on what you need to set up your e-commerce facility. More Info

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Making your terms and conditions stick

An article on how to make your business terms and conditions into a binding contract with your customer, whether you sell from a website or not. More Info

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Terms and conditions: an introduction

Basic information about what are terms and conditions, why you need them and what they should include. More Info

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Which terms and conditions template?

Net Lawman have drawn a number of terms and conditions documents for use in your business. This article explains which is best suited to your business model. More Info

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