Estate agent's terms of business

This is a comprehensive agreement that sets out the terms of business between an estate agent and property vendor for the sale of a residential property. The document includes practical matters, such as the use of "For Sale" boards as well as legal matters such as limitation of liability and indemnities. Use of plain English makes the document easy to edit and easy for your client to understand and accept.
Suitable for use in: England & Wales
  • Solicitor approved
  • Plain English makes editing easy
  • Guidance notes included
  • Money back guarantee
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About this estate agency agreement

This template provides you with standard terms of business between your residential estate agency business and your property vendor client.

Broadly, the document clarifies the work you will do, the legal relationship between you as agent and your client, and the duties of your client to enable you to sell the property efficiently; and gives your business a greater degree of legal protection through limitation of your liability and indemnities. Of course, the document covers many other points as well such as confidentiality and severance.

This document is a good example of where our use of plain English strengthens the document. Short sentences and jargon-free language make the template easy to edit. Your client is more likely to be happy to sign your terms if he understands them easily. And if a dispute should arise, it would be hard for your client to claim that he did not understand what he agreed when he signed.

Alternative templates

We also offer a letting agent agreement for agencies that let and manage residential property.

If you have any questions about this document, or need further help, please contact us.

The law in this document

The law in these T&C is largely common law that deals with the basics of contracts: offer, acceptance, price and payment, provision of service, liabilities and risk. That means that, by and large, you can set the commercial terms you want. Our guidance notes will tell you what you can change safely, and what we don't advise changing.


  • Relationship of parties
  • Obligations of the estate agent
  • Vendor’s duties
  • Commission and expenses
  • Duration and termination
  • Effects of termination
  • Confidentiality
  • Limitation of liability
  • Indemnities
  • Data protection
  • Insurance
  • Other usual legal paragraphs to protect your interests

This document was written by a solicitor for Net Lawman. It complies with current English law.

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