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Seeking possession of a property let on an assured shorthold tenancy
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To end an assured shorthold residential tenancy first let after 1 October 2015, you must use this form. This document replaces the system of using Section 21 notices for tenancies created before that date.
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About this document

Use this form to end an assured shorthold residential tenancy where the tenant was first entitled to possession after 1 October 2015. The date he or she was entitled to possession may be earlier than the date he or she actually moved in, or possibly later than the date of the actual tenancy agreement.

If the tenancy started before 1 October 2015, you must use a section 21 notice instead.

You can use this form at any time while the property is let, whether during the fixed term of the tenancy or once the tenancy is periodic. The earliest you can obtain possession is the date two months from the date you serve this notice.

You can serve this notice only when the tenant has occupied the property for at least four months. If you serve it earlier, the notice will be void.

You must also have fulfilled other conditions at the time of letting. These include provision of a booklet titled: "How to rent: the checklist for renting in England", and energy and gas safety certificates.

If you use a Net Lawman AST agreement template you will comply with the 2015 regulations. You will then be able subsequently to use this form.

This form takes into account the requirements set out in The Assured Shorthold Tenancy Notices and Prescribed Requirements (England) Regulations 2015.

As of 29 August 2020, the Government has amended the Coronavirus Act 2020, introducing various new notice requirements. The form is updated to reflect the latest changes.

Sample form 6a noticeSample page from the Form 6a notice

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Somewhat Reassuring
23 May 2023
As this is already a stressful situation, anything which takes any stress out of the documentation process can only be helpful.
The professionalism of the document and the knowledge that there is a lot of expertise behind it is reassuring when considering taking legal action.
The process was intuitive and fast and resulted in a clear, professional-looking document.
Martyn Talbot
Quick Success
17 June 2022
I needed to serve notice to a tenant and found your page , download the documents and filled it very quickly. Perfect , many thanks
Isabelle Ecolivet
Helpful Format
26 May 2022
I found your form 6A was easier to download. simple instruction. I recommend your website.

I will certainly use the service again.
Shyama Budddhadasa
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