Sponsorship agreement: sports person or other individual

This sponsorship agreement provides a flexible framework for defining a sponsorship arrangement, regardless of the activity the sponsored person participates in, the level of participation and benefits to each party. The arrangement could be as simple as payment for advertising on clothing to more complex arrangements where the sponsored individual acts as a brand ambassador, product tester or content producer.

Suitable for use in: England & Wales and Scotland
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About this sponsorship agreement

Individuals are sponsored for a variety of reasons and in many different ways. This sponsorship agreement has been drawn to be flexible and to cover many situations without being difficult to complete.

Sponsorship is common within sport, but this sponsorship agreement could be used where the arrangement is one of product endorsement, most likely by a well known person (for example, an actor agreeing to wear a manufacturer's products at public events).

Like most sponsorship agreements, a large part of the agreement covers the substance of the deal: what the sponsor will provide in return for what from the person being sponsored. We provide a multitude of examples which you can either delete if not applicable, edit or add your own.

The agreement also includes further legal paragraphs not usually included in such agreements that protect both sides in case of later disagreement or non-fulfilment. These can also be edited to your requirements.

The agreement is governed by the laws of England and Wales, but the location of either party could be elsewhere. The agreement could, for example, be used by a British company to sponsor a Russian musician.

When to use this sponsorship agreement

This agreement will suit a large number of sponsorship arrangements.

  • the individual sponsored could participate in a sport or other activity (e.g. chess, poker or music)
  • the sponsored person could be at any level of professionalism, from individuals operating at an amateur level to professionals at international level
  • the sponsor could offer goods or services (their own or another company's) or money to the person sponsored
  • the obligations of the individual could include simple advertising (using equipment or wearing clothing with advertising printed on it), promoting the sponsor at events, product testing, writing articles for the sponsor's website, appearing in marketing material or anything else
  • the contract could be for a specific period or on-going

Agreement contents

The agreement includes the following paragraphs as well as other standard legals.

  • Warranties for authority
  • Relationship of parties
  • Grant of sponsorship rights
  • Sponsorship fee and payment
  • Sponsorship rights granted
  • Promotion of sponsored goods and services
  • Obligations of Sponsor
  • Obligations of the sponsored person
  • Joint obligations
  • Intellectual property: including use of trademarks by the sponsored and ownership of works created for the sponsor by the sponsored
  • Indemnity
  • After termination
  • Uncontrollable events
  • Miscellaneous matters
  • Schedule 1: Scope of sponsorship rights: industry sectors, product ranges and countries
  • Schedule 2: Goods that will be provided to the sponsored person

This document was written by a solicitor for Net Lawman. It complies with current English law.

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