Documents to hold a general meeting: private company; limited by guarantee

These are all the documents you need to set up and record a general meeting of a company limited by guarantee. They are: notice, two sets of minutes and proxy voting papers to comply with the Companies Act 2006. Whatever your type of activity and number of members of your company, you need these documents to propose resolutions in company meetings.

Suitable for use in: England & Wales and Scotland
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About this set of documents

This set of documents is for a private company limited by guarantee. It does not matter whether the “limited by guarantee” framework is used to run a club, charity, PTA, pressure group, interest group, purchasing group, religious organisation or whatever. Whatever is the activity of the company, certain decisions must still be taken by the members.

If your company is not limited by guarantee but by shares, see our set for companies limited by shares.

This set of document is suitable for any size of organisation. The members may be few or may be numbered in thousands. You can also use this set of templates to enable your small organisation to expand without restriction. Just by changing your articles in accordance with new model articles.

The Companies Act 2006 requires you to keep minutes of the meetings of directors. From there to serve proper notice for calling a meeting of members. Notice of the meeting must be given. So here we provide a set - you will need to arrange for, give notice, hold and record a general meeting.

For more detailed information on matters related to meetings, you can read controlling meetings of your private company.

The  draft minutes and notices provided here is of course based on the Companies Act 2006. This set of document does not include the text of any particular resolution. That is for you to insert. It could be an ordinary resolution or a special resolution. The example text is very short, to give an idea. The subject matter of your resolution may also be short, or it may run to 1000 words. So whether you are considering a change your company articles from the old Table A or otherwise holding a general meeting to transact any business this should suit you perfectly well.

The included documents are:

The file of documents covers all the procedural matters you will need to cover. It comes to you in a single "Word" file for easy download and easy edit. You will find:

  1. Minutes of meeting of the directors
  2. Consent to short notice of GM
  3. Notice of GM
  4. Minutes of GM
  5. Proxy voting form

As with all Net Lawman documents, the drafting notes are immensely valuable. We give you comments and suggestions on every “document” enclosed in the set.

The documents in this set:

  • are suitable for proposing any type of resolution: ordinary or special company
  • provide an option to call meeting on short notice period, if something happens which requires urgent action
  • contain modern provisions in plain English
  • allow you to construct your minutes and resolutions to suit your exact needs
  • are full of practical and commercial help and suggestions
  • save you time and worry as you make your way through each document in turn.

Alternative templates

To record board minutes and notices use: directors minutes of meeting


This document was written by a solicitor for Net Lawman. It complies with current English law.

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