Remove auditor: set of documents

These are the company meeting documents that you need to propose and document a resolution to remove an auditor of a private limited company. The pack includes a notice of the meeting of the members, two sets of minutes and a proxy voting form. All documents comply with the requirements of the Companies Act 2006.
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About these documents

Removing an auditor is one of the only company administration procedures under the Companies Act 2006 where there is a single route that can be taken. That is to do so by ordinary resolution (where shareholders with more than 50% of the voting rights agree to do so) at a members  general meeting.

Special notice of at least 28 days must be given to the members and to the auditor in order to allow the auditor sufficient time to prepare and make a statement of his case.

If the auditor wishes to make representations, then the company must send these to every shareholder before the meeting, unless a court rules that this is not suitable. The auditor has the right to attend the shareholders’ meeting at which his appointment terminates, the right to speak and the right to be heard.

As far as these documents are concerned, the reason you wish to terminate the contract is not relevant. It arises most commonly either out of a disagreement as the what should be shown on the face of the accounts or out of a requirement of the executive directors to be seen to be acting within their authority on this sensitive issue.

The draft minutes and notices provided here are of course as required by the Companies Act 2006. The templates do not include the text of your proposed resolution because it could be many things. The reason should be clearly mentioned in the text of the resolution so that every member is in no doubt as to what he will be asked to vote for or against.

The text and layout of these notices and minutes are simple, in layouts accepted as standard. The wording can be added or edited easily.

The included documents are:

  1. Minutes of meeting of the directors
  2. Notice of the general meeting
  3. Minutes of the general meeting
  4. Proxy voting form

As with all Net Lawman documents, the drafting notes are immensely valuable. We give you comments and suggestions on every document enclosed in the set.


This document was written by a solicitor for Net Lawman. It complies with current English law.

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