Section 13(2) notice: proposal of a new rent or licence fee under an assured agricultural occupancy

Statutory form with explanatory notes for a section 13(2) Housing Act 1988 notice. This notice deals with proposing a new rent or licence fee under an assured agricultural occupancy of premises by landlords or licensors.
Suitable for use in: England & Wales
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About this document

This notice complies with section 13(2) of the Housing Act 1988.

It is to be used by a landlord or licensor who wishes to propose a new rent under an assured agricultural occupancy of premises situated in England.

This notice should be served on the tenant in plenty of time to allow him or her to respond. The minimum period of notice that must be given before the proposed new rent can take effect is:

  • one month for a tenancy that is monthly or for a shorter period, for example, weekly or fortnightly

  • six months for a annual tenancy

in all other cases, a period equal to the length of the period of the tenancy for example, three months in the case of a quarterly tenancy.


  • Details of the tenant
  • Details and address of the premises
  • Details of the landlord or licensor
  • Charges and rent or licence fee
  • Other legal provisions
  • Validity of notice
  • Explanatory notes

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