Security services contract

The agreement sets the contractual and practical terms under which a company will provide monitoring and security services on the property of another organisation. It could be used for provision of services for an office building, or for a larger complex such as a shopping centre or sports facility.
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About this document

A third party security service provider is often a visible representative of your organisation to the visitors of the property. A doorman influences first impressions of a building, a front desk guard contributes to the welcome and courtesy felt, and night guards to the efficiency and work ethic you promote. However, being an outsourced service, the property owner or manager often has less direct control of what impressions are given to occupiers and visitors.

This contract sets the terms under which a service will be provided. It covers practical matters such as qualifications and presentation of security staff and contractual matters such as payment. It is also strong on confidentiality and intellectual property protection so that incidents remain private.

For the service provider, important terms are likely to be those relating to limitation of liability and insurance in case blame for an incident outside of control is sought.

The contract could be used by either the service company or the owner or tenant of the building.

The property being secured could range from a single building such as an office, to a larger complex such as a sports facility or a shopping centre. The nature of the service being provided could be a single person on duty at the entrance, or a much larger team offering CCTV monitoring, patrols and visitor scanning. The exact service level can be specified by you.


This agreement is comprehensive, covering all the relevant aspects of this type of service, including provisions relating to:

  • the level of security provision
  • price and payment
  • intellectual property
  • confidentiality
  • no competition
  • extent and limitation of liability
  • premature termination
  • data protection
  • insurance
  • severability
  • miscellaneous legal clauses that cover waivers, force majeure, notice and service and dispute resolution

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