Horse sale agreements

Buying a horse is a risky activity. Even though a vet's certificate reduces some risk that the horse is unsound, behavioural problems and long term conditions often only show down the line. The only way to pass that risk back to the seller is to use horse sale agreements that include warranties. Our agreements include a large menu of warranties (as well as recording the deal) from which you can choose the ones most important to you.


    Horse sale agreement: buyer's version

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    This agreement is a simple way to protect yourself as a buyer of a horse or pony.

    It is very hard to ascertain whether an equine has any problems or vices at a viewing, even when a vet has assessed the horse's medical condition.

    By using this sale agreement, you obtain the seller's promise (warranty) that there are no undisclosed problems. If there subsequently turn out to be, then it is the seller who becomes responsible for them, not you.

    Using this document could not only save your thousands of pounds but also much anguish over dealing with a horse that you cannot ride.

    Horse sale agreement: seller's version

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    Sale agreements are usually written to protect the buyer because it is the buyer who takes the risk if the horse is not sound.

    This document is drawn to protect the seller. It can help re-balance the strength of the deal back in your favour:

    • by offering an agreement you are likely to come across as a professional and trustworthy seller
    • by giving warranties (promises) you can reassure a nervous buyer to buy
    • if there are potential problems, you can remove your warranty relating to it without bringing the removal so obviously to the buyer's attention
    • you can choose terms around payment and delivery that suit you rather than the buyer

    Of course, this agreement is drawn in terms to which a reasonable buyer would not object.

    Horse sale commission agreement

    This is a livery agreement where the yard owner acts as an agent in the sale and receives a commission if he sells the horse. In addition, he receives livery fees while the equine is on the yard.

    The yard may have superior facilities in which to allow the seller to demonstrate the horse's ability, riders on hand who can get the best out of the equine, and surroundings that impress buyers; and the owner doesn't need to spend time arranging viewings, answering questions, or being at viewings.

    Key features of this agreement include:

    • same provisions for livery as our standard livery agreement
    • the yard owner can choose to evaluate the horse before accepting the instruction to sell
    • a choice of alternative commission arrangements including fixed sum and percentage of the sale price
    • the procedure for selling is covered in full
    • recourse to yard owner if horse causes damage

    Horse sale agreement: high value transaction

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    This agreement is suitable for high value transactions where the buyer needs strong legal protection.

    It could be used to buy any equine, including those for general recreational use, sport horses, racehorses, stallions and brood mares. It is suitable for international sales.

    It might be that:

    • the value of the horse is high
    • the consequences of having an unsound horse are costly (for example, the buyer lives far away)
    • the performance of the horse is critical to enjoyment or use (for example, it is being bought in order to event, so it needs to be able to jump reliably)

    It is impossible to test everything that might be wrong at a viewing - your new equine might behave perfectly in the seller's arena, but might be impossible to handle at events.

    Up to a point, you can rely on a vet for checking medical health, but a vet can easily get it wrong, since he can only assess the equine at a single point in time with limited information. Of course, a vet cannot tell you anything about the horse's temperament, ability or suitability to you.

    The only way of protect your interests as a buyer is to insist that the seller makes promises regarding the condition of the equine. If subsequently it turns out that a warranty is false then you can seek damages. This document gives you those warranties.

    You can easily remove provisions that you think are unnecessary in your circumstances, or add additional ones that you might require.

    As far as possible, we have drawn the agreement so that both sides will be happy to use it.

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    What customers thought
    Well Drafted
    A well drafted document in plain English clearly written with knowledge of the subject and easy to adapt. Accompaning notes helpful and well thought through. Reasonable price. Choice of having both a buyer and a seller's version very useful. Accepted without change by the buyer ( a professional dealer). So I got what I wanted at a fair price. I am a retired solicitor so appreciate good drafting when I see it. As an improvement to future editions please insert a term allowing for a trial period before the sale becomes binding. Bought from you because the skeleton was provided on line. Can recommend it to others.
    Edward Wilde
    Extreme ease of use
    Just so easy to use.
    Judy Beale
    Mostly Sufficient
    Concerned it was not from Practical Law, but decided easy to buy off the peg. I had to make a lot of changes as it read as though a horse was a robot, but was easy to do (although I am a commercial lawyer and not a layman). I would recommend the product but with a warning that anyone gave attention to detail
    Alison Frost
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