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Product ID: UK-HSEpol02

No smoking policy

This policy helps your organisation to comply with health and safety legislation and should make enforcement of non-smoking areas easier.

It includes background information for your staff:

  • principles and reasons for implementing the policy
  • references to Health Act 2006 and The Smoke Free (Signs) Regulations 2012

We also include practical suggestions for the smooth implementation and enforcement of the policy.

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Product ID: UK-HSEpol03

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This is a flexible and adaptable model fire safety policy that can be adapted for any organisation in order to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

It has two main functions:

  • to help ensure that all employees are aware of fire safety procedures - both in their work area, and the workplace as a whole
  • to records the goals of your organisation as to fire assessment, and thus help ensure compliance with current fire safety legislation

It is an essential policy for any business as the regulations apply to visitors to your premises as well as your staff.

It covers:

  • your obligations to help staff know what to do in case of fire
  • the appointment of a "responsible person" to carry out fire assessments
  • detailed provisions for fire safety and evacuation procedures
  • employees’ duties
  • communication and consultation provisions
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