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Product ID: UK-AGReqc01

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This comprehensive contract is suitable for any professional yard.

The document can be presented to the horse owner as terms and conditions on a “take it or leave it” basis or it can form the basis of individual arrangements. It allows for different packages of services: full and partial.

Although it is written to protect your interests as strongly as possible, we have considered what your clients will think when you send it to them. We use wording that will not worry them that they have to see a solicitor before they sign.

We provide for everything you might want in the agreement with your clients and give you strong legal protection. The document covers:

  • details of services and prices
  • terms for use of additional facilities such as a cross-country course
  • care of equine including veterinary call-out
  • insurance
  • safety
  • basic facts about the horse and disclosure of any vices

The disclaimers also include cover for a situation where you are asked to ride a client’s horse.

As well as setting out the contractual terms, you can also use the document to explain how the yard works and to set down your practical rules and expectations.

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Product ID: UK-AGReqc02

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This is full livery agreement for yard owners who provide “do-it-yourself” livery services to horse owners.

The yard owner provides a loose box and basic facilities, but the horse owner feeds, exercises and generally cares for the equine.

This agreement is based on our standard livery agreement, but sets out your reduced responsibility for the equine while it is on your property.

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