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Suitable for use in: England & Wales and Scotland

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Website terms and conditions template: marketplace for services; seller side

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This document sets out the legal and commercial relationship between your business and service providers who use the marketplace that your website creates to reach clients.

It is suitable if your business:

  • allows providers to advertise their services on your site, uploading their own marketing text, images and other content
  • provides a means for buyers to pay providers online, collecting taxes and fees, and reimbursing the service providers the net sales value
  • allows service providers to communicate with you and buyers, for example, to resolve disputes directly

The nature of the services offered is not important: specialist in a particular area such as online marketing; limited by price, such as five pounds; or be tailored to a buyer demographic such as location.

These T&C:

  • as far as possible, insulate you from problems if service providers do not give the service buyers expect
  • include strong legal protection against malicious use of your website and misuse of your intellectual property
  • protect you from problems with the CC(ICAC) Regulations

Your site might operate openly as a market, or it could ostensibly offer reviews where you promote particular services.

You could charge the provider (as provided for in this document) or you could provide your marketplace service for free and take advertising revenue.

You will an additional set of terms with buyers, such as Marketplace for services: buyer side.

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Suitable for use in: England & Wales and Scotland

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Product ID: UK-TCmkt09

Website terms and conditions template: marketplace for events; buyer side

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These are terms for a website that acts as an intermediary between event goers and event organisers or ticket resellers.

Your business is likely to publish event information, check customer qualifications (such as age) and confer with organisers. You may promote, advertise, or undertake other marketing tasks.

This document serves two main purposes:

  • First it gives you legal protection from potential problems as a result of disputes between the event organiser and the ticket buyer.
  • Secondly, it sets out how your website works to benefit the event organiser or ticket reseller. Standard terms for all ticket sellers allow a buyer to return to your site and buy again from a different seller without the terms or process being noticeably different.

The nature of the event for which the tickets are being sold is not important to the document. Your site could specialise in one type of event or multiple ones. The nature of the events to which the tickets are sold could be as diverse as:

  • sporting events
  • concerts, festivals and live music performances
  • theatre shows
  • consumer exhibitions (such as food exhibitions)
  • business events (such as motivational or training courses)

Note: this template is not suitable if you sell tickets directly yourself. You will need our website terms for a ticketing agency instead or as well as these ones.

Note: you will need an additional set of terms with ticket sellers or event organisers – use Marketplace for services: seller side.

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Suitable for use in: England & Wales and Scotland

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Product ID: UK-TCmkt13

Suitable for use in: England & Wales and Scotland

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Marketplace provisions

We define a marketplace site as one where the website operator is an intermediary, providing a platform from which someone else sells goods or services to buyers who come to the site.

Because each marketplace website has its own business model, we provide separate agreements for terms with buyers and sellers. You should therefore buy a pair of documents: one dealing with terms for your sellers and one dealing with terms for the buyers.

Seller side documents vary far less than buyer side documents so we have not provided exact matches. Only you know which of each side best suits your business model. If you need help choosing, please ask.

We offer several options for sale of services because that word covers such a vast range.

We try to avoid you being an agent in law, but rather a publisher. However, the range of services you offer and the fact that you collect payment may well categorise you as an agent. We know of no court cases on this point.

We do our utmost to insulate you from problems between a seller and a buyer. We push seller obligations onto your sellers and direct a buyer to his or her seller, leaving you as clean as possible.

However, as an intermediary, you still have to comply with the CC(ICAC) Regulations. We have covered that of course.

All market place documents cover:

  • a framework of rules as to how a seller places a product or service with you
  • the fact that you do not hold stock
  • e-commerce: prices, your remuneration options, return of goods, taxes
  • your payment options: a commission basis, a transaction fee basis, through advertising, or not at all
  • upload by sellers of their own product pages or product advertisements
  • joint advertising to sellers
  • options for regular sellers (for example, ones that operate their business entirely from your site), and one-off sales

The law in these terms and conditions documents

The law in these T&C is largely common law that deals with the basics of contracts.

Where your end customer is a consumer, i.e. a private individual, you need to comply with the Consumer Contracts (ICAC) 2013 Regulations, the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and Alternative Dispute Regulations 2015.

Where your customer is a business person, our templates allow you to comply with the Sale of Goods Acts (1979 and 1994).

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