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Practical, commercial agreements that clarify the requirements of each side

The relationship between technical professional firms on the one hand and their clients on the other hand, is a gigantic source of frustration, misunderstanding and conflict.

The government is renowned for getting it wrong, but we hear less about the thousands of small businesses who fail to get their contract right.

We do not have a magic wand, but we offer here contracts that cover the main bases for coding or website development work, whether you are a developer or a client, and whether the project is simple or substantial.

Each of these contracts will undoubtedly prompt you to think through what each side wants from your proposed deal.

These are not technical contracts – we require you to add the specification precisely and clearly, using technical terms. However, they provide the legal framework that gives you protection and reduces the likelihood of problems down the line.

Web technologies and development methods change so frequently that it is highly unlikely a client will be able to communicate exactly what he requires. Conflict is caused primarily by a knowledge gap between the technical professional and the client. By focusing on the specification of work – making sure both sides know exactly what is required and how it will be delivered – the possibility for conflict should be reduced.

Contents of these documents

Of note, our contracts cover:

  • intellectual property ownership: recognition that the website developer may include his own original work in the project; ownership of new IP rights in the work created for the client; ownership of work completed but not used; ownership if the client fails to pay.
  • who pays for changes to work already done
  • how many iterations of design or amendments to work can the client have before the work is considered additional to the original specification
  • options for payment arrangements
  • testing and client acceptance
  • training

Each of these documents will protect you from many legal pitfalls at the same time as it will provide a thorough framework for the legal relationship and the progress of the work.

As for all Net Lawman documents, extensive drafting notes explain even more.

Why choose Net Lawman

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Use of plain English makes our documents easy to edit and understand
Detailed guidance notes explain the purpose of each paragraph and how to edit
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Full money back guarantee if the document isn't right for you
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