What is Completion?

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Completion means the day agreed between the parties for the sale to take place and when the remainder of the sale proceeds is given to the seller. If you are the buyer, you can then move into the property and start living in your new home.

However, the conveyancing process does not stop there as documentation work continues even after you may have moved in. Your solicitor or licensed conveyancer will be in the process of filling various forms to make the deal valid under law and to register the property under your name.

Notice of Assignment

If you are buying from a landlord of a leaseholder, then you will be served with a notice of assignment informing you of your obligations towards the leaseholder. Most mortgage lenders have made notice of assignment a requirement as it is one of the items in a lease which can affect the registration of property in your name.

Documents you should receive upon completion

You should make sure to have received the following documents after date of completion:

  • Title deed - Make sure you have a copy of title deed. However, nowadays the Land Registry has become all digital.
  • Copy of lease - If the property you have purchased is a leasehold, make sure that your solicitor gives you a copy of the lease and service charge accounts or forecasts.
  • Management Information Pack - If you bought leasehold or have opted for a shared ownership scheme you should make sure you receive the Management Information Pack.
  • Report on title - Also ask your solicitor to provide his/her report on the title. It is an important document to keep handy as it provides a summary of the legal title and property search results.
  • Property Information Form - You should also have the Property Information Form which contains practical information regarding the property such as location of water stop cock, electricity and gas meters.
  • Fitting and Contents Form - The seller will have filled out a Fitting and Contents Form which tells you precisely what fittings and content of the property you will be purchasing if you are the buyer. Therefore, you should ensure to have received a copy of the Fitting and Contents Form.
  • Warranties - You should have a copy of your Buildmark (NHBC) or other new home policy or warranty documents if you are purchasing a new build or property which is less than 10 years old.
  • Payment of stamp duty - You should receive a confirmation from your solicitor or licensed conveyancer within 30 days of completion that the stamp duty has been paid. You will receive a stamp duty receipt proving that the stamp duty has been paid.
  • Indemnity Insurance Policy - Further, you should have a copy of any restrictive covenant indemnity insurance policy, chancel repair indemnity insurance or any other indemnity insurance if required by your solicitor. This will be mentioned in your solicitors report on title.
  • Energy Performance Certificate - It is mandatory to have Energy Performance Certificate when a property is being sold. Though the seller has to arrange for Energy Performance Certificate, as a buyer would want to ensure that the EPC Certificate is in place.    


Upon completion, the buyer pays the seller the agreed sale price, whereas, the seller hands over the keys to the house to the buyer. He can then start living in the house. However, the legal process involved does not stop even after completion.

Your solicitor or licensed conveyancer continues to file important documents with the relevant authorities to ensure that a clear title passes on to you and that your ownership of the new property is secured.

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