Energy performance certificates and why they are important?

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Providing an energy performance certificate (“EPC”) to potential buyers is an obligation of the seller. This article will provide you with the information need concerning EPCs.

What are EPCs?

They containing important information regarding energy consumption

EPC is a document which provides information regarding energy consumption of the property and its’ ranks them in a category from A - G.

Further, it includes information as to the cost of energy being consumed, highlights the inefficiencies and provides recommendations which will make the property more efficient in energy consumption.

Not all properties are supposed to have one

Listed buildings are exempt from having an EPC when it is being sold or rented. Similarly, Holiday accommodations and residential properties which are used only less than 4 months in a year, industrial sites and workshops, building that will be taken down, building which will be demolished in 2 years, stand alone buildings which have less than 50 square metres of functional workspace.

How seriously should you take the information in EPCs?

Your energy bill may not be the same

The EPC of a property will not take into account how many people are residing or living in the property. Therefore, the amount of energy you may consume could be less.

Further costs

The EPC will tell you what improvements you can make which will decrease the total costs for you. Through an EPC you will get a rough estimate on how much further you will need to invest in the property if you buy it.

Low ranking

Properties ranking F or G are not allowed to be let out to tenants. However, please note that the assessment carried to determine how energy efficient the property is not always thorough. This is because the assessors are not allowed to be invasive.  Due to this, for things such as insulations, they may have gone by what they were told by the home owner.

High Ranking

A property listed in the A category will be the most efficient. This means lower carbon emissions and lower energy bills.


The EPCs are designed to help lower the impact of their homes on the environment. The Energy Savings Trust has provided estimations that adopting the recommendation can save you an average of £300 every year in energy bills.


EPCs are an important piece of documentation, which will provide you information as to how much energy the property consumes. This is important for you to know so that you can get an idea of how much your energy bills will be and whether there are any improvements that can be made which will reduce the energy consumption of the property.

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