Declaration of trust

Find out when and how to use a declaration of trust to record true property ownership. More Info

Legal interest and beneficial interest in property

Read about being a legal owner of property versus being a beneficial owner. We explain what these terms mean and why the distinction is important. More Info

Changing who is recorded as legal owner on the title deeds of a property

Find out when you might want to change the names of owners on the title deeds of property and how to do it. More Info

Lease extensions to leasehold properties

Find out about extending the term of the lease when you are the leaseholder. This article also covers enfranchisement - buying the leasehold entirely. More Info

Bringing cases to the First-Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber)

Read about what types of case can be brought to the First-Tier Tribunal and the process by which cases are heard. More Info

Article reference: UK-IA-PR06

Co-ownership of property: the difference between joint tenancy and tenancy in common

Simple answers to questions about joint tenancies and tenancies in common. What is the difference and how does it affect you. How to deal with the problems. How to "sever a joint tenancy". More Info

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