DIY conveyancing - can you really do your own?

Find out whether it is possible to carry out your own conveyancing - whether you are the buyer or the seller of the property. More Info

When might you be gazundered?

Find out what gazundering is, why it happens, whether it is ethical and how you can prevent your buyer from doing it to you. More Info

Avoiding being gazumped

Find out what gazumping is, and how as a property buyer you can avoid being gazumped. More Info

Documents to have to hand before selling your property

Find out which documents you'll need when selling your house or flat so that you can be prepared and have them to hand when needed. More Info

Completing on your property sale or purchase

Find out what completion involves, what issues can crop up and how they can be resolved. More Info

Covenants over property

Find out what a covenant is, how they are enforced, and if you are buying a house or flat, whether restrictive covenants are a deal breaker. More Info

Stamp Duty Land Tax on property purchases

Find out what Stamp Duty is and when it becomes payable. More Info

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