Agriculture and Equestrianism
Article reference: UK-IA-EQU01

Loaning your horse

Thinking or loan or lease of your horse or pony? More Info

Article reference: UK-IA-EQU10

Buying a pony for a child

Find out about how to buy the ideal pony or horse for a child, what is involved in ownership as a parent, and how much owning a pony costs. More Info

Article reference: UK-IA-EQU09

Buying a horse at auction

A guide to buying a horse at a market: what the risks are, how to spot potential problems, and how to choose safely. More Info

Article reference: UK-IA-EQU08

Setting up your own livery yard

A guide to what you need to consider when setting up a new livery yard (DIY, part-time or full-time). More Info

Article reference: UK-IA-EQU07

Finding a livery yard

Thinking about putting your horse in livery? We explain what to look for in a livery yard and how to choose the most suitable yard for your needs. More Info

Article reference: UK-IA-EQU06

Choosing a suitable paddock

This guide covers what to look for when choosing a good paddock for your horse or pony. More Info

Article reference: UK-IA-EQU05

Buying a horse: the viewing

This article is the second in our guide to buying a horse. It covers the crucial things to look for at a viewing. More Info

Article reference: UK-IA-EQU04

Buying a horse: settling your new horse into its new home

This article describes how to settle your new horse successfully into its new home. More Info

Article reference: UK-IA-EQU03

Buying a horse: riding at a viewing

This article covers the crucial things to look for when riding a horse with consideration to buy it. More Info

Article reference: UK-IA-EQU02

Buying a horse: before the viewing

This article covers what you should do before arranging to see a horse. It covers common pitfalls and advises how they can be avoided. More Info

Article reference: UK-IA-EQU11

Buying a horse: veterinary checks

This article discusses vetting a horse and other ways of ensuring that the horse is healthy and sound. More Info

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