Article reference: UK-IA-HSE10

Management of Health and Safety of Work (MHSW) Regulations

Management of Health and Safety of Work (MHSW) Regulations, 1999. More Info

Article reference: UK-IA-HSE11

Dealing with waste electrical and electronic equipment

Summary of the 2006 regulations, whether they apply to your business, the benefits of compliance and what to do with your waste. More Info

Article reference: UK-IA-HSE12

Control of Noise at Work Regulations

Short introduction to the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005. How they apply to you; what is acceptable; risk assessment and more. More Info

Article reference: UK-IA-HSE16

Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations, 1995 (RIDDOR)

Explanation of the 2005 Regulations, whether they affect your business, how to implement changes and how to comply. More Info

Article reference: UK-IA-HSE08

Health and safety issues regarding manual handling

The law in relation to manual work and some practical tips on how to handle large and heavy items safely. More Info

Article reference: UK-IA-HSE04

Control of substances hazardous to health: COSHH

How to control exposure to hazardous substances and prevent ill health and comply with the regulations. More Info

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