Marriage, divorce and family
Article reference: UK-IA-FAM24

Splitting up: how to give the bad news gently

Guidance on how to tell your partner that you want a divorce. More Info

Article reference: UK-IA-FAM26

Relationship breakdown and debt

How to manage your joint finances when you divorce or separate. More Info

Article reference: UK-IA-FAM27

Resolving conflicts with mediation

How mediation can help both during and after your divorce or separation. More Info

Article reference: UK-IA-FAM29

Why and when to use a separation agreement?

This article explains what a separation agreement is, why use one and when to use one. More Info

Article reference: UK-IA-FAM30

The contents of a separation agreement: what should be in one and why

This article explains the main contents of a separation agreement and why they are included. More Info

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