Lawyer assist service

What our legal team will do

Our team will conduct a detailed assessment of your document. We will:

  • read your instructions and questions and make sure your document does what you tell us you want it to do;
  • report on the legal implications of additions or changes by you;
  • edit your text if need be so that the document complies with the law;
  • check that your use of defined terms is correct and consistent;
  • check that required insertions have been made correctly;
  • provide an alternative template at no extra cost if a more suitable one exists in our library;

and of course...

  • correct spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, typos and errors in formatting.

You can order the service when you buy a document, or add it after purchase by contacting us.

How the service works

Edit your document
Send us your edited document with any instructions and comments.
Edit your document
Our legal team will contact you by email to discuss your document.
Edit your document
Our work is likely to be returned to you within 72 hours, but could take a few days in exceptional circumstances.

What you should expect

How much work do we carry out?

Our clients all need different levels of help. Some need a great deal; some just need to be put on the right path; some manage without further help at all.

The type of document you buy also affects the extent of help you might need. That is why the price of our review service is different for each document.

As a rough guide, most documents take our team between 2 and 4 hours to review (including time spent writing to you and taking your instructions for changes). More complicated documents tend to take longer.


We know that quick turnaround times are important to you.

However, we usually have several documents in the review process at any one time so we may not be able to start work as soon as we receive it.

We aim to start working for you within three working days of you sending the edited document to us. The time until you have the final reviewed version in your hands may be more than three days if we have to work on subsequent versions.

If your experience of legal documents is limited, you should give yourself plenty of time to consider how you want to edit your document after our initial review, and to discuss via email our review points.

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