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For the Non-Resident Indian living in the UK, addressing legal matters in India can be overwhelming.

Attending to a matter in person may require multiple and frequent trips, likely to be impractical if you are non-resident.

Our lawyers based out of our associate office in New Delhi can offer advice on Indian law, and represent you or your interests on the ground. There are additional satellite offices in Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

Our team has over 20 years experience of advising non-resident Indians on legal matters.

Transparent and honest legal support

In a world where some might take advantage of the difficulties faced by the NRI community, our ethos is refreshingly straightforward: transparency, honesty, and efficiency.

We treasure the trust you place in us, and that's reflected in the exceptional level of service we provide.

We keep you in the loop, always

Maintaining your peace of mind while we resolve your issue is our mission.

Our communication systems ensure you're always in the know. We cater to our clients effectively from long distances.

Whether it's an update on property sales or the nitty-gritty of legal fees, rest assured you'll stay updated.

Our expertise

We offer services in many different areas: personal, corporate and property.

Seamless separations and divorce cases

Life changes, and sometimes that means re-evaluating marital bonds.

We can assist with cross-border divorce cases, particularly those complicated by conflicting laws between the UK and India.

We have over 16 years of experience in this area, and have represented some high profile clients.

Child first: custody and maintenance issues

The well-being of children takes center stage in family disputes.

Our dedicated team is poised to help with child custody and maintenance, always keeping the child's best interests at heart.

Property disputes

For Non Resident Indians, property left behind in India can sometimes lead to disputes.

From tenant matters on the high street to property partition and shared ownership challenges, our Indian specialists provide comprehensive solutions.

Builder and homebuyer disputes

Finding common ground between builders and homebuyers or land developers can be tricky, particularly for overseas Indians.

Our Indian lawyers can represent your interests, whether you want to take a hard line or prefer to find a compromise that all parties can accept.

Representation before the Supreme Court of India

There may be times when you need a lawyer to represent your case before the Supreme Court of India and we are there to help you.

Our team of lawyers in New Delhi is in a position to provide effective support and professional representation for pursuing or defending an appeal when you're faced with a situation that warrants going before the Supreme Court.


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