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By Sharon Eiles 08 June 2019

The explanatory notes and Editing Guide are very clear, concise and easy to understand.
I haven't had time to complete the document yet but knowing I can refer to your service for guidance is really helpful.
The speed of response with the documents was also commendable, altogether a very efficient and good value service, thank you.

By Roger Cocks 20 July 2017

Had read into this area but needed wording / clauses for this complex area for drafting. Saved me hours. Would recommend.

By David Oates 31 January 2014

Excellent - I will use you again definitely

By Martyn Bridges 10 November 2017

Document was easy to use and edit.
Guidance notes were straightforward and simple to understand.
Delivery was rapid both by online download and e-mail.
Available options covered circumstances I wanted.
A little expensive though.