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By Zebada 19 October 2021

Brilliant as usual! Returning Customer :)

By Emma 14 May 2021

Really easy to navigate and use

By Ostrich Trails 01 March 2021

It was a clear and easy to go through document. With some minor changes this has served me well.

By Shirley Jobson 12 October 2020

The document is clear and the fact that it is written in plain English really helps. The notes at the end and the editing guide provided were also extremely helpful. Highly recommended!

By Chris 05 October 2020

By John Brown 07 September 2020

By Emily 08 June 2020

Very good, the guide at the bottom is very helpful also. I know it's quite common legalise, but I would prefer gender neutral language throughout. Eg some things say his and I've subbed for their. Made me feel far more confident publishing these than writing myself.

By Maureen Little 12 March 2020

Excellent service - just what I needed for my new blog website.

By Lynda Tait 17 April 2018

Net Lawman provided a professionally written legal document template that was free and easy to edit for my specific purpose.

By Melanie Cross 05 October 2017

The document seemed very comprehensive and the explanatory notes were excellent and extremely useful. I would definitely use this service again.