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By Peter 28 April 2020

I am extremely pleased with the template you provided. I contains exactly the legal details I was unsure about and couldn't figure out, despite a lot of searching, reading gov.uk articles etc. For the small online service I am setting up this was just perfect.
In addition to the template itself, I found the guidance and explanation of your approach to relevant legal points very helpful and, coincidentally (???) they reflect exactly how I like to treat potential customers.

I just wished I had found your service earlier. It would have saved me a lot of time. So much more to the point than anything else I found online.

Thanks a lot!

By Gemma Love-Wyatt 02 April 2020

By Sarah Dawes 10 September 2019

Extremely helpful to us as a new business. The documents I have used will link to your website.

By Neetha Syam 15 February 2019

Amazing experience. Thanks for simplifying this mammoth of a task for small businesses like me.

By Steve Charmley 08 July 2018

Great process, easy to navigate, ends with me as a happy customer.

By Leonard Lang 18 April 2018


By Jocelyn Charles 11 January 2018

The document is spot on.