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By John Diamond 10 January 2015

Not as daunting as you might imagine! Easy to fill in, customer service very good they emailed me a copy in another format as soon as I requested it.Insurance company accepted the deed of assignment and transferred the policy without any problem.

By Alistair Nash 11 April 2014

Excellent result from using this document.

By Brian Barrett 09 April 2013

Easy to understand and get implemented. no Fuss at all. a couple of questions answered by the staff very quickly, a great service that i would consider to use again should i need to. :)

By Martin Reader 16 July 2013

I guess the proof of the pudding will be in the eating - as the acceptance of the form by the insurer is as yet unknown. The service from Net Lawman was efficient and seamless so no issues there. My one observation was that the form asked for a witness name and address for each signatory but offered no signature box for the witnesses, thus my witness simply signed next to their name. I trust this will be okay too!

Net Lawman responds 22 July 2013

Your document signatures will be fine. Boxes are merely a matter of page format.