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By Kate Larkinson 15 April 2020

The editable document, notes and guide were all really easy to understand and use. Thank you for providing this very useful service.

By Jeff Lever 17 October 2019

Initially my concern was buying a document without seeing it.

In large part I was persuaded to buy because I could find no other source of a document that contained the information I needed, so what else to do?

However I have to say I was extremely impressed with what I received - both the document and explanatory text were very good and allowed me to organise a Will Trust for my parents easily, quickly and cheaply.

I am amazed that this information isn't general knowledge, but it isn't and it also isn't easily accessible, so a big thumbs up for Net Lawman.

You will need some basic Microsoft Word editing skills to tailor the Will to your specif needs but that is really quite easy so I would certainly recommend this product.

By Joseph Bowe 09 September 2019

Unfortunately was unable to use this particular form, but your office promptly identified a different course of action, which was most appropriate.

By Sarah Turk 08 June 2019

I was looking for a will for my father, who remarried many years ago. This template was easy to understand and edit. It gives him the assurance that his wife will be looked after as his first priority, but the remainder of his estate can only go where he has directed it to go, even years after his death. A very cost effective solution.

By Martin Gibson 01 April 2019

Your template is easy to edit, easy to understand and easy to implement with the useful notes provided within the document.

By Roy Eaton 13 December 2018

Initially I had doubts about using an online service but the extremely competitive rates overweighed those doubts.
I needed to create a Lifetime Trust Will and this template does exactly that. When read with the notes it is fairly straightforward, but I have raised a number of questions with Net Lawman and they have been answered expeditiously.
For piece of mind I paid an extra £30 (incl VAT) for a checking service having drafted my will which again I found to be very efficient.
On the basis of my experience I would not hesitate in recommending this company.

By Janet Smith 20 April 2018

My parents had been tied up in knots by solicitors who wanted to explore, and make provision for, every 'what if' scenario in their Wills. So much so that they had been put off making one. Their estate is not large and not complicated, so I reasoned I could do it, but did want to ensure I got the wording right and ensure the documents would be legally valid.
I sent an enquiry to Netlawman outlinining the situation I wanted to cover when creating Wills for my parents. Got quick response confirming this template would work. Instant download of document meant I could start straight away. Although the template initially looked a bit daunting once you started to read it alongside the notes it all fell in to place very easily.
I would have preferred the notes to be a separate document to the template so I could read them side by side; overcome by opening two copies and I do see your reason for keeping it as one.
Once signed and witnessed I am confident the Wills I've created will be a legally binding representation of my parents wishes.

By Keith Pym 28 March 2018

This template does exactly as it says on the box. The lifetime trust was the major requirement for me. It is simple to edit, the help is very good and the end product does the job. The price is also a bargain and I would definitely recommend to others and encourage people to make a will !

By Christine Hawkins 22 March 2018


By Sandra Andrews 15 February 2018

I was delighted with the template I bought from your company because it explained a rather complicated Will in simple, easy to understand language. I had previously consulted a local solicitor and could see I would have had to pay a very large fee if he had been instructed to draw up my will. Your template however, was very reasonably priced and much easier to understand, especially with your helpful instructions and notes to guide me on every point. Thank you very much. I would certainly recommend you to others.

By Stuart West 20 September 2017

This template helps avoid the huge costs involved in setting up a trust for offspring while giving the benefit of a property for life to a partner. It will take a while to complete, but all you need on the legal side is prepared for you and the guidance notes are a massive help, so it's just a case of working through it methodically. Well done. A great service.

By Simon Gunn 06 July 2014

Exactly what is said on the tin. A simple, straightforward will for someone wanting to leave a life interest to their spouse.

By Caroline Barron 04 February 2018

Easy to select and purchase. Easier to edit on a computer or laptop than a tablet. Big savings compared to a solicitor.

By Jocelyne Thompson 19 September 2015

I chose Netlawman template because it was the only template I found online that referred to partner's use for life of property without passing on ownership. The price for the download was reasonable and the download quick and easy.