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By Juan Gomez 30 March 2019

The document itself was not fully fit for our very simple purposes, but the support received by Mr. Taylor was outstanding, absolutely exceptional, with almost immediate reply to emails and even taking the time to reword paragraphs. I really recommend Net Lawman and will do so to every acquaintance. Thank you very much indeed.

By Andrew White 06 November 2018

I never usually write reviews but have to credit Net Lawman for their assistance in making sure my will document was correct and promptly answering concerns I had regarding my particular circumstances all at no extra cost. I honestly didn't expect that level of service from a law firm in this day and age!

By Charlotte Davies 19 October 2018

We would definitely recommend Net Lawman to everyone so you know and understand every aspect of your will and have complete control over it. You don't get that when asking a solicitor to write a will and looking over it with no explanation of every single paragraph.

By Kirsten White 02 June 2016

Very useful document....met my needs perfectly.

By Stephen Ashton 16 May 2014

We downloaded a free version to start with, but this reflected our situation better. The process was quick and painless. We're just preparing to get our wills signed in the next day or so. We strongly recommend Net lawman.

By Andy Rushton 02 May 2014

Excellent document and service!

By N Van der Wolf 18 May 2013

Document arrived promptly, came with clear instructions and was easy to adapt to our personal situation. We had our will sorted and signed the same day.