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By Harry Steels 29 October 2014

A small contractor friend has got into difficulties with a client who is refusing to pay, despite her husband having approved what has been done. I am long retired but wrote and administered construction and environmental contracts for over 30 years - he has just done a first rate job on my roof and I offered to help.
I needed to bring myself up-to-date with the law and horribly dangerous things like Facebook (an opinion formed by my grandchildren) before offering him some advice on how to protect himself in future. As always, I have reservations about the legal desire to anticipate, almost with relish, confrontation (after all, that is how lawyers make their money!) but I found the document most useful. It arrived almost instantaneously for which both I and my friend are very grateful. I would certainly use the website again.

By Pat Mccabe 09 June 2014

1st rate document and your service was fast and efficient Many thanks.

By Desmond Walker 17 November 2016

The document, Building Contract: small works, was easy to down load with its explanatory notes etc. Ideal for a small business like mine, avoiding have to make appointments with Lawyers, visit town, parking and hanging around etc.
My only conern is when I have amended the contract document to align with the project my client wants,have I kept the correct paragraphs similarly having deleted the superflus paragraphs.
All features were important for my current client.
I am cofident that I have a contract to safeguard my client and my company.
I would certainly recommend Net Lawman to others. However many builders think I am going over the top and making a rod for my own back!