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By Manwinder Atwal 02 August 2020

By Susan 10 July 2020

Very professional

By Pamela 26 April 2020

It was great to input what I needed & to have netlaw pop up with just what I needed. A easy will form.

By Josephine Yong 29 March 2020

The documents are very informative and clearly written. Would be very useful for planning
Thank you.

By Judith 27 March 2020

many thanks a very worthwhile document. Got all panicky in these troubled times and thought I better put everything down - well done for your valuable help

By Andrea 04 March 2020

Got to say that I was very happy with the documents that I downloaded with regards to writing a will! Everything was very straight forward and easy to navigate! Plenty of tips and guidance which proved to be really useful!

By David 30 January 2020

very easy to download, great information and easily understandable

By Nicky Kirkpatrick 17 October 2019


By Stephen Fagan 07 October 2019

You have provided exactly what I wanted. Everything was clear and easy to understand.

By Jem Russell Brown 19 June 2019

I'm starting to 'get ready', to ensure that my executors have as easy a task as possible. Especially after being exector for my second parent. It's an excellent list, and reflects today's world - the section about passwords. I can't recall if you have any notes about accounts on social media - I have a feeling that Data Protection laws get invoked (even for the dead ?) and that data on these sites is also considered the company's copyright; so when they're told of a death, the account is frozen and locked shut. But not deleted.
Yes, I'd point others at your website.

Net Lawman responds 24 June 2019

Social media sites have the freedom to decide how to handle data once someone has died. Its not really practical to provide a list of usernames and passwords. In addition to the possibility that the list may be read by the wrong person, you might change passwords several times between when you make the list and when you die.

By Patricia Lockett 12 June 2019

I found the document easily and thought it was an excellent idea. The download was also easy and the document will be most useful in our futures planning. Thank you.

By Julia Tweedy 11 June 2019

When someone passed it was very difficult sorting papers and legal documents. The check list has everything there in one place. Would recommend it along side a last will & testament.

By Ailsa Robinson 01 June 2019

Clear, useful document.

By Ian Mackey 08 May 2019

Straightforward solution to a problem that an elderly neighbour was facing. So good, in fact, that we may end up using it for ourselves !

See also comments made re 'Simple Will with Gift".

Happy to recommend.

By Denis Shaw 07 April 2019

There is ALWAYS a way that we can 'improve' however, what you provided was 'above and beyond' and just what I needed at this particular time. But, right now, I do not see any way to improve on what you provided.
Thank you, from Downunder.

By Barbara Tunstall 04 April 2019

I have been putting off writing my will for a long time as I thought it was going to be too complicated. However when I found your website and filled in the Will form, I wondered why I had put it off for so long. My Will was so easy to fill in, I was able to put down my wishes and I could save it and go back to change anything I wasnt happy with whenever I wanted (which I did several times lol!). Once I was happy with it, my words were put into a more legal sentence and I was able to print it. I would definitely recommend others to use your site. Thank you

By Marion Fallon 18 March 2019

By John Dixon 15 March 2019

This is very useful and well structured, especially since it contains some items which could easily be overlooked when preparing such a list.

By Maryon Davies 13 January 2019

Very organised and useful.

By Jeremy Maynard 11 November 2018

Extremely useful checklist - concise and most helpful in ticking the right boxes and not omitting something critical to the process.

By Lesley White 11 November 2018


By Richard Foxley 27 September 2018


By Narendra Patel 09 July 2018


By Jay Trivedi 30 June 2018

A well written set of constructed, paragraphed templates covering all aspects to enable anyone to get you started on filling in the blanks. Once you have selected the required paragraphs to your own specific needs, you can start to tweak, re-tweak, and once you are satisfied of your draft, then have it double checked from a trusted friend/family member/partner.

I have read most of the document and will re-read it once again. At present, I am quite happy with this professional document template downloaded from Net Lawman, who I would definitely recommend to others.

It could be a possibility in the foreseeable future that I may make suggestions on how you could improve/progress even further...?

By Kameran Akram 03 June 2018

because it was just so simple and easy to use.