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By BPC Management Limited 23 March 2021

Very straightforward, with instructive guidance notes to help you amend to fit your needs. Highly recommended & great value.

By Janet Fieldsend 02 March 2021

By Paul Dickinson 21 September 2020

Nothing could be improved. The service was speedy, efficient and helpful. My questions were answered promptly, and I was left reassured that my document would serve the purpose intended. I would certainly recommend Net Lawman based upon this particular transaction. Thank you very much!

By Matthew Milne 05 February 2020

By Frank Kaufhold 17 October 2018

I was looking for a simple editable power of attorney document. After looking at a number of ridiculously priced offerings with document build robots producing jibberish , I stumbled across your site. Absolutely excellent, clear understandable English and superb guidance notes. Net Lawman is now my first stop shop for legal documents. Thank You!!

By Danny Quah 05 September 2017

Clear messaging, excellent service. No complications. Exactly what the world needs for these transactions.

By Jack Graham 25 August 2017

Excellent Service from Rashid -
Will certainly be trying to use -
Everyone said I must use a Solicitor -
I would certainly recommend you

By Michael Dean 21 April 2017

I looked on the net for a power of attorney because I am selling a house in England from 10,000 km away.
Entering "power of attorney sell house UK" brought up some freebies, and the Net Lawman site. The document stood out as being everything I needed. Easy to add extra points such as disposing of goods and chattels in the house.
Bought from Net Lawman because the form had been written, or approved by a solicitor working in civil law.
This is the first time in my adult life that I have made a major transaction by proxy, but the PoA is spot on.
Certainly recommend Net Lawman. Even as a tight Yorkshireman, the small cost was nothing compared to the peace of mind.

By Rinnah LUNGU 19 May 2015

It really works and was the particular power of attorney ai needed-congrats

By Darryl LEE 27 April 2015

This English Power of Attorney is easy to understand, is not unnecessarily complicated or excessively long. For the very low price charged, this legal document is perfect. For just a tiny amount of money and just a few signatures you can gain (or give away) the right to sell a plot of land, a house or flat or other real estate. I very highly recommend this document. But you don't need to worry too much; if it is not to your expectations you can simply request a refund. If you want to sell a property on behalf of someone else this is the document for you.

By GERRY PRIDHAM 25 February 2013

Easy to understand and fit for purpose

By Andrew Spooner 12 August 2014