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By Keith Mungham 03 December 2019

Easily found on Internet.
Very easy to edit for our specific use while retaining all necessary legal elements.
Follow-up query answered promptly.

By Marion Paviour 24 March 2017

As a retired lawyer doing a little consulting for long term clients your service was invaluable in enabling me to provide a required document quickly knowing that it met current legislation. I concur with the comments made by David Herman.

By David HELMAN 04 July 2016

Thank you .I needed the document in a hurry for same day provision to my client and had no other suitable precedent available at short notice .It would have been much more expensive in terms of time to try and create such an agreement from a combination of other documents in my own precedent bank.
If the occasion should arise again I will be pleased to refer to your service.

By Brian Flint 20 June 2016

it worked for me.

By David Nicklin 30 August 2014

This document was almost right. Some areas needed to be shortened, but at least they were there and I could give them some thought before amending them. I am very happy with the final document, it made me think clearly about all the issues and gave me a comprehensive document to offer my potential tenant.

By Suzie Brantom 02 January 2014

Your service was first rate, however the Document is way too complicated for what I require & has now left me with issues with my Landlords over the Electricity. Along with other basics, ie Water, harrowing of fields etc. It would be much better to clarify more of what the Tenant & Landlord/s are responsible for.
I am the Tenant & had to buy the Document as the Landlord insisted I get the Agreement drawn up!

Net Lawman responds 09 January 2014

I am so sorry that the document was not right for you. However, your landlord put you in an impossible position when she/he insisted that you should draw up a lease. You cannot have known how far he expected you to protect his position, as against yours. With some ruthless deletion, you had the opportunity to draw up a deal that was absolutely in your favour.

Like any solicitor or barrister we draw documents to protect one side – the person who pays us. There are exceptions, but never in lease law. The landlord edits our template then passes it to the tenant. It is then for the tenant to say what he objects to and for the parties to negotiate what they want.

We cannot make more clear who is responsible for what. That is up to you to decide with your landlord. There is no law as to who should do the harrowing. I see that this lease gives you over 60 options for rights and obligations to play with. I agree that it would be wonderful if we could cover everything for everyone, but sometimes it is just not possible.

I do hope we shall see you again at Net Lawman despite this disappointment