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By Moses 30 July 2020

Your service helped me prepare my Will and understand the importance of specific provisions in plain English and without the legal jargon which Solicitors so love to use. I am grateful for making this critical service so easily and conveniently accessible.

By Juliet Oitomen 09 April 2020

efficient and straight forward

By Thomas Jenkins 01 December 2019

Very informative and easy to use,help and guidelines easy to understand with help and assistant to prevent errors.

By Adam Slater 07 September 2019

Brilliantly easy solution to help my parents make a will as they have very little in the way of estate,
The attached guidelines are very helpful.

By David Clough 16 August 2019


By Lee Stuart Newson 25 January 2019

The web site is user friendly and extremely helpful.
And a fast service would certainly recommend.
Thank you again.

By Jeremy Maynard 11 November 2018

Well set out concise document which does precisely what it says.

By Roy Hughes 19 October 2018

Excellent service, and totally free and would recommend you to anyone.

By Richard Foxley 27 September 2018


By Raymond Gadd 09 July 2018

I give your company this rating, as its the best free service I have seen on the internet .

By Nigel Blake 29 May 2018

Very good.

By Beena Vamadevan 18 March 2018

Great templates, very easy to use. Many thanks

By Peter Johnson 18 November 2017

It was very straightforward to use the website and to request and download the required document from the subsequent e-mail. The document was ideal for my purpose and easy to complete. I shall almost certainly use you services again if I have a future requirement. Thank you.

By Michael Lewis 25 October 2017

Excellent document. Thank you.

By Jacqueline Armitage 08 April 2017

Your service enabled us to write our wills in a cost and time efficient manner.
Guidance was clear and comprehensive.

By Joseph Smith 14 August 2015

You were very helpful and everything was easy to follow. But I have deleted the e mail with will kit by mistake

By Andrew Buxton 15 October 2014

By WALTER DALGLEISH 12 October 2014

It was easy to find what I needed from there than other ones I tried.

By Susan Granic 14 September 2014

The document had everything I needed, was very concise and easy to understand. In the past I have used a law book (can't remember which one - a Guide to the Law or something similar) but that was many years ago and many things have changed.I needed something quickly, and something clearly understood by all parties. This was it.

By Kabang'u Sakuwaha 26 August 2013

Great service, easy to follow, one doesn't need to know so much law.

By Sally Carroll 17 June 2013

Documents are easy to understand and easy to download. I will be using Net Lawman again. Great service, I have benefitted by using these Documents. There are not many services that I could find on the internet that give free documents. I Would recommend your service to family and friends or people whom would need your services for advice or for documents.thank you

By Robert 23 March 2020

By Lola Brown 30 July 2018

Exact and to the point.

By John Hughes 13 January 2018

Well laid out document formalizing the process of appointing executors when no family succession is available or clearly drawn due to family internal problems.

By Gary Mathews 04 November 2017

Easy to follow and clear instructions