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By Germaine Ash 13 August 2018

Very straight forward. Easily editable. It was well worth the small fee payable to save the amount of time and effort it would have required to set up my own document.

By Keir Barrie 22 March 2017

I wasn't sure about the quality of the guidance notes but thought they were good apart from there was no guidance about what to do with the agreement when signed e.g. is it registerable at the Land Registry and how many copies should be signed. You could also have included a warning about signatories capacity due to e.g. age as this is the type of doc that young horse owners would be asked to sign. I used your service as it seemed quick, easy to operate, document format codes are good and I learnt something - the danger of making this into a commercial tenancy by allowing a business to operate.
I would recommend you for the reasons above

Net Lawman responds 29 March 2017

Thank you for your testimonial. The land Registry deal only with land. Across the water they call it real estate. There is no requirement for registration or notification of any contract. You should have received a "Guide" with this doc. It does mention that each side should keep a copy signed by the other side. That's it.

You are right about children. A person under the age of 18 years cannot make a binding contract. You have to get it signed by a parent in their own right.