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By Andrew 29 June 2021

The main features of the document purchased was its simplicity of understanding the ability to easily tailor it to my use, which in turn made the agreement with my family member easy to document.

By Jacqueline 23 March 2021

The customer service, advice and documentation received by Net Lawman has been brilliant, it’s easy to use and spot on for our We were initially nervous about the authenticity of the web based site but were suitably reassured which prompted our purchase.

The plain English within the legal framework made the document accessible. I would highly recommend

By Michael 18 March 2021

Helped ensure there was no potential conflict among other siblings after granting a lone (not a gift) to one member of the family with provisos ensuring any final inheritance was not affected to all concerned.
Slight struggle with the formatting of the draft but blame that on lack of personal IT expertise!

By Paul Adams 16 November 2020

This is just the document I needed for a family matter easy to understand and convert into personalised instructions at a very reasonable fee.

By Debbie 13 July 2020

This is an excellent service provided by Net Lawman. Their is advice attached to the document itself and I received a very fast response to an email I sent asking for advice regarding the Loan Agreement. Inexpensive, quick, easy to read. I would definitely recommend using Net Lawman

By Elise Tassell 29 June 2020

I decided to buy from Net Lawman because it seemed like the most comprehensive document I could find and it covered all the bases I needed.

I really appreciated all the notes on the document and suggestions for how to amend it as needed.

I'd use this service again.

By Leon 05 May 2020

Excellent and set out so that it was easy to understand, download and edit. Also very good value. Highly recommended for anyone worried about ‘legal speak’!

By Rupert Guy 11 February 2020

Quick, easy & covered what was required

By JOHN WALSH 04 January 2020

It was easy to use and to set up the final wording that I wanted. I am using it as `a reminder and something to refer to`......(just to make sure there is no `trick of memory`)..... rather than as something to use to start legal proceedings....and hopefully it will never need to be used at all. Time will tell.
I think you provide a very useful and easy to use service.

By Emma Andrew 05 September 2019

Easy to download and amend to your own particulars. Also having a legal document gave peace of mind to the lender and put the terms down for the borrower. Very clear and concise. Made it easy to use to discuss with relatives.

By Alan Sellars 21 July 2019

The fact these useful DIY documents are made available for a small fee enabling everyone to be in control of their private business without the need for external Solicitors which can often add stress and cost to something that actually doesn't need it.

The document was well laid out and covered all the necessary areas and along with the explanatory notes it was easy to adapt to our personal needs. The document provides us with a level of security, expectations and agreements between the Lender and Borrower from the outset.

I would recommend Net Lawman as a starting point to anyone in the same position as ourselves.

By Julian Brewer 03 August 2018

Well constructed document with useful guidelines

By Ken Morgan 06 April 2018

So easy to use and adapt for my own needs.

By Lindsey Catley 10 January 2018

Very simple and easy to complete which is what wanted thank you.

By Julie Adams 12 October 2017

Perfect for our needs. The agreement is in plain English and is very simple to tailor and complete. Thank you.

By Valerie Vernon 28 September 2017

The agreement was just what i wanted. It was easy to edit and amend.

By Annette Morley 01 September 2017

The template was very easy to use. All key points seemed to have been included. It saved my time in composing the agreement myself.

By Janet Claydon 18 May 2017

the document was easy to edit, with sensible options to choose from which fitted my situation well. I also added a few extra sentences. I selected the option to have it professionally checked which was done very promptly with some minor corrections made which do not alter the meaning. The final document looks good, and is easy to understand. I hope it is legally binding as the website says, although as a layman I wouldn't know.
It saved me the time and expense of going to a solicitor but has given me some confidence that the document has been well written and I think it was good value for money.

Net Lawman responds 18 May 2017

The agreement will be legally binding. Although we are not a firm of solicitors, we do have solicitors working for us in-house, and your document was checked by one.

By William Stern 09 May 2017

Straightforward documnet that I was able to adapt easily for the purpose intended.

By Philip Stephenson 20 February 2017

Very useful document. Covers all the somewhat delicate issues involved in making a loan to a relative. Expressed in easy to understand terminology.

By Robin Tarling 24 January 2017

Website was easy to navigate and the document I chose was very easy to download and use. Would definitely use again.

By Marcel Galea 22 December 2016

Strait forward , invaluable and good value service by you people. Thank you.

By David Rogers 22 August 2016

I needed a simple loan document which I wanted to complete offline. Your service met my requirements in that the agreement was short and in plain English that was easy to understand but sufficiently comprehensive in scope.

By Sharon Taylor 27 April 2015

I decided to use your company when a friend of mine told me to download forms for the purpose off a buy to rent..I didn't know you could do such a thing.I read through your details etc and was confident this was what I was looking for.I could understand it all.I would definitely recommend Net Lawman and recommend friends and family documents . I don't think you improve your services everything was plain and simple.Thank you.

By John Winter 20 January 2015

Great Quality & easily understood service. Easy to use and fully understood by both parties.