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By Margaret Evans 20 January 2020

Your company was unknown to me so it was a chance find on the internet , however the directions for use were easy to follow your response was quick and the wording of the document clear and concise.

By George RockEvans 18 November 2019

It addressed all the points that I had thought of and many more. It was possible to delete sections that were not needed and the numbering automatically adjusted.
I would recommend this document “Grazing Agreement “.

By James Warren 29 April 2019

After some research, I decided this was just what I required for my field I’m thinking of letting out, it covers everything, all aspects, and for a reasonable cost.

By Mark Leader 21 December 2018

First time using the service and I was wary. The rationale/guide was well written and helpful. The template was well structured and easy to navigate. Had all/most of what I would have expected for the standard points and was easy to add in specific terms.
Ideal for anyone with a clear understanding of what they want the legal docs to deliver but are not trained in the legal profession.
Excellent - will use again when needed.

By David Metcalfe 05 December 2018

Good and easy to follow document. Would use your service again.

By David Williams 18 September 2018

The doc. covered my exact needs.
It is easily readable and understandable.
I simply amended a few paras. using the options provided and we all agreed and signed within a couple of hours.
Thank you.

By Estelle Wolfers 01 August 2018

The whole concept of a grazing agreement was new to me but when our neighbours, who rent out their paddock now their own horse has died, heard we had offered to let a friend's alpacas graze our meadow, they told us to Google you. The attached guide was really helpful and we were able to adapt your agreement to our special circumstances - though we'll only know we did it right if there *are* problems, if you see what I mean. I would certainly recommend you.

By Elinor Jenkin 10 May 2018

The first time to use your document, it was agreed . Hope you will give advise if things go wrong? Easy to use and covered most things. Elinor Jenkin

By Ivor Coltart 04 May 2018

Easily pusrchased and Excellently set out document. Will be used every year for grazing I let, would recommend to other and will be purchasing any other documents needed off net lawman too

By Rosemary Davis 12 April 2018

The Grazing agreement was just what was needed and the explanation of each part was very well explained.

By Andrew Symonds 10 April 2018

Easy to access, wording comprehensible and nonlegalise. Reflected what we wanted.

By Matt Hill 23 March 2018

Simple, clear, editable format.

By Glenn Carpenter 12 March 2018

I searched quite extensively on-line for a downloadable grazing agreement and many sites take you to a dead-end (generally trying to sell something). Yours, however, seemed to be more trustworthy at the front-end than many and I decided to proceed with spending the £20; some are free (although I did not find one that truly was) and a few others were similar in price to yours.

Never having done such a thing as have stock grazing on my property (in fact we have only been in our address with sufficient land to rent for 5 weeks now) nd so the experience was new to me. The editable document was easy to understand (and adapt as required) and the explanatory notes useful. Even with adaptation (which I would assume is always needed) the basic text was maintained and the document gave me some comfort in that I would have some level of protection, should things go wrong.

The farmer concerned is reviewing the document (I insisted on a review), but seemed only too happy to just sign.

By Jack Libell 12 February 2018

Whilst the website didn't have a 364 day template agreement which covered reaping a grass field and taking the crop away in the form of hay, I was easily able to adapt their 364 day grazing agreement to fit the circumstances.

By Frank Burton 06 January 2018

Nicely drafted, avoids pitfalls of tenancy and faux licences

By Johnny Martin 24 October 2017

Very easy to use and good explanation of different options.

By Stephen Lovelace 19 August 2017

Does what it says. V good.

By Stephen Simmonds 08 August 2017

The agreement was perfect for our use and the notes were also useful.

By John O'Farrell 11 April 2017

What I wanted . It saved me time trying to cut and paste previous contract forms .I also learned that horses not for breeding ,work or meat were treated differently in the eyes of the law which I did not know. For its price fair .

By DAVID PEPPER 29 March 2017

Easy download. Grazing agreement covered all the main points.
Straightforward to fill in, very useful notes with it.
No problem to use at all.

By Paul Gold 12 March 2017

I have been a specialist in trusts for over 35 years so very familiar with legal documentation. I must say that I thought your service was absolutely excellent and the explanatory notes concise and easy to understand. I would recommend your service without hesitation.

By Graham Robertson-Williams 10 March 2017

It clearly states the document is a licence for a person to put an animal on your land to feed off a growing crop and nothing else. Good explanatory notes at the end.

By Peter Diethelm 02 December 2016

Simple - good idea to sell a crop instead of a complicated lease.
I may be back for farm cottage rentals in the future.

Regards Peter

By Dawn Dix 15 November 2016

The service provided has been excellent. Being something of a technophobe with an iPad, the support given from order thro to docs has been first class. Thank you.

By John Duncan 14 May 2016

Exactly what I wanted