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By Amanda Fitzwilliams 04 February 2020

Your service is so easy and straightforward and is great value. The tenancy template we purchased dealt with all the headaches we inherited with a historic informal agreement. Our tenant was also happy with the simple document. I did a bit of comparative research to check that the document we were planning to purchase would fit our needs. The reviews on your site were also useful. I would definitely recommend Net Lawman to others and will probably be back for further documents myself. Many thanks

By Richard Pitt 24 January 2014

This was my first purchase from Net Lawman. I bought from here because the information on the website was detailed enough to educate me about what document I would need. It guided me through the alternatives and gave me the confidence that I was choosing the right document.

I had no prior knowledge of Farm business tenancy agreements, but the information here and the notes with the document have given me what I need.

The clear distinction between which sections of the document need my decisions and which should stay as they are is very helpful, and the notes accompanying gave clear advice.

I had a query about one section of the document that was answered by email within 24 hours. Very good.

I would recommend Net Lawman to others because of the clarity and background information that is available before you buy, allowing you to make an informed decision.

By Joanna 02 November 2020

It seems good. I particularly like the bit that tells you that you can freely change the entries in 2 of the paragraphs, and the explanations about some of the stuff included seemed clear. I like the straightforward language and explanation of the official terms too. I wasn't quite sure what you meant about the notifications that tenant and landlord give each other before signing the tenancy agreement being "zipped" to the document so have written ourselves to be sure. I didn't asked for help with this which I think I could have. It's only a small bit of land I'm letting so did feel quite expensive. But has given peace of mind.