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By Rik Kooyman 28 February 2017


By Amanda Wilson 16 May 2013

Very comprehensive yet easy to understand. I had already found a contract document on line but was unsure whether it would really cover all the points I would need in order to ensure the document was sound.

I found Net Lawman by chance after doing a web search for information on ‘publishing rights for books.’ I liked the fact that they offered documents in ‘plain English’ and that they were very reasonably priced. I was also swayed by the refund policy.

I would definitely recommend Net Lawman to others and will be making it my first port of call for documents in the future.

Thank you

By Luke Jeffery 16 September 2014

The document was reasonably well written. However, there were a number of inconsistencies in terminology (e.g. between using the terms Company, Publisher and the actual company name). And the second royalty option did not specify what the percentages were based on. In fact, we had to make many corrections throughout the document.
Moreover, it was not made clear on the website that this contract was very much biased towards the author. For example, most publishers will have their hands tied when it comes to marketing, promotion and rights management if the author does not transfer copyright to them. We are a publisher and would like to have seen more options available that consider both authors' and publishers' needs.

Net Lawman responds 09 October 2014

Thank you so much for taking the trouble to review this document. Your second paragraph is absolutely correct. Yes, most of our documents are drawn to prefer the interest of the document buyer. (there are exceptions, like joint venture agreements). I am so sorry that we failed to make this clear both in the section description and the page telling you about the document.
As we have told you, we have now upgraded this document to take account of the points you have raised.