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By John Hannawin (I-Next Ltd.) 16 February 2021

We recommend NetLawman documents to all customers who are building their first web sites and services. They are easy to customise and you have the backing of the NetLawman service if you need something more or have detailed questions.

By Rob MacManaway 12 July 2020

I previously used your site for a document and needed another.
The choice of documents is very comprehensive and well labelled / categorised. The guidance on what to edit or not was also very helpful. Using these documents has allowed me to be confident to publish my website and if I need further help you will be my first choice to seek help from.

By Benjamin 01 June 2020

I love Net Law Man! I have been looking for a while for a template for my websites terms and conditions and this fits the bill perfectly!

By Rob M 16 March 2020

By Kevin Baker 25 May 2018

Exactly what I needed, easy to understand and a responsive service from Net Lawman

By Leigh Evans 17 May 2018

It did what was needed

By Stephen Dawes 12 May 2018


By Gabrielle Bergan 06 May 2018

The document was exactly what I needed, concise, well laid out and easy to understand.

I had many questions in relation to editing the document to suit my business, and the support that I received was fantastic.

Thank you!

By Leonard Lang 18 April 2018

Thanks great help

By Will Broadbent 13 April 2018

I think the document is very good and the instructions are very helpful. I see no way to improve the document. I also really like the option to pay for review. I have recommended the site to a number of people.

By Jill Mytton 21 February 2019

Good template

By Jacqueline Lindgren 20 May 2018

The document showed us what areas we should cover and allowed us to make informed choices about what we would or would not include in our own privacy policy. It served as useful comprehensive guidance.

By Les Jones 20 April 2018

Great document with supporting information. Excellent for a new start website and a fledgeling business. Thanks