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By Tas Gregoriou 05 March 2021

Excellent Service, much appreciated.

By Amar 11 January 2021


Thank you

By Rhona Repton 20 April 2019

Your accessible and editable document offered a good initial guide for the basis of Contract that I needed to develop. Your follow-up offer of review of amended Contract offered reassurance. I shall most probably take that up when I'm further down the negotiation. Thank you.

By Simon Fung 24 March 2019

Really helpful, just what I needed to find out

By JOE OLUWA 14 February 2019

The document is very good. This is a great help and nice relive to a starter who needs extra help and support to put things together. I rated it excellent because the document is detailed and the fact that it is totally free makes it very good.
Many thanks for your help.

By Vicky Clarke 01 July 2018


By Mary Hodgson 04 June 2018

Worked perfectly for our needs and very easy to download and amend to suit our needs.

By Shaf Mogul 30 May 2018

Extremely well prepared document that needed little editing and fitted perfectly with the real estate business. Thank you very much for your help at a time when we were actually panicking.

By Wayne Palmer 29 May 2018

Service was very quick & efficient, document arrived quickly and explanatory notes were easy to read and understand - first class service.

By Jonathan Jensen 28 May 2018

Very useful template to have as a starting point for creating my own document.

By Barry Turrell 26 May 2018

A very useful document, well written and with great guidance notes.

By Tess Rogers 25 May 2018

Was a well written and easily understood document. Was a very good base for adjusting to suit our particular needs. The guidance notes were particularly useful in ensuring understanding of the document.

By William Simpson 21 May 2018

Very good legal document for GDPR. It also provides an analysis of each paragraph which makes it easy to amend for your particular needs.

By Sarah Wong 21 May 2018

This gave me usefull information and a good base for creating our own privacy policy.

By Atul Pancholi 08 May 2018

Very Good information and format. There should be provision for those landlords
who do not have website for their business.

By Claire Webster 08 May 2018

Very well written

By Alan Howes 07 May 2018

There are many well thought-out scenarios.

By Leonard Elsey 07 May 2018

Excellent privacy notice well written

By Howard 26 February 2021

The document, along with all the other documents I have had from yourselves was, as usual, easy to follow and adapt to the required circumstances. They are all well written and easily customisable.

By Nuno Mendes 31 May 2019

My knowledge of the subject is very limited. Hence the evaluation given.

By Russel McKelvey 09 July 2018

Good. I had to change it slightly to fit our particular business needs.

By Ian Gaskin 24 June 2018

A good document which basically gives one the gist of legality needed. The RLA has hyped the GDPR to an extent that to me is quite naughty. Thank you.

By Trudi Wheat 08 June 2018

This is actually very good but you do not have that category especially the editing notes.
Many thanks

By Heather Sinclair 31 May 2018

It seemed comprehensive and well structured. It saved me a lot of time and helped me focus on the specifics for my rental business.