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By Martha 29 June 2020

Netlawman offers a very professional service with easy to understand documents.

By Michael HILL 29 May 2018


By John Alder 20 May 2018

An excellent well laid out and well explained document. Very helpful. Thanks.

By Shirley Housego 29 November 2018

Clear, easy to understand language, useful links, some difficulty with formatting (but that's probably largely due to my incompetence in using Word!)

By Phillip Bevan 23 July 2018

I had no concerns about using net lawman
This document was extremely useful to me and came at a time when it could be of most use.
Yes i would recommend Net Lawman to others.

By Andrew Barrett 19 May 2018

The template is clear, and the accompanying detailed notes are very helpful.

By Barry MorganTimms 18 May 2018

Template clear and concise, completed relatively quickly. Will have to await feedback from client companies in order to complete any feedback regarding effectiveness of their understanding or comment.