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By Sharon 17 June 2021

It was straight forward to download and the document was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

By Wanjira 10 June 2021

I didn't exactly copy what the document contained due to the nature of our issue, but nevertheless very helpful having it to successfully resolve our issue.


By Susan 10 May 2021

The document I needed was easily accessible, I had no problems downloading it, and the guide attached and template letters were an added bonus. The service user I am assisting will benefit greatly from having the clarification of deed poll legality which is attached at the end of the document.

By Mia 09 May 2021

It was a great template, it’s really nice to find somewhere that has all the right info needed to write down, and for free, instead of most companies being money hungry. It also made it very clear and easy which parts need editing.

By Lesley 30 April 2021

The document was exactly what I had been searching for. The instructions were easy to follow. The additional letter templates were an excellent bonus. Great service all round. Lesley. X

By Gigi 27 April 2021

Easy to follow instructions. I sent in a query regarding my unusual, personal circumstances and received a prompt and helpful response. Highly recommended.

By Marcia 26 April 2021

I would definately recommend Net Lawman to individuals who have no basic understanding of the subject they are researching, the service was prompt and found the product ie Change name by deed poll, most appropriate.

By Kaye Woodward 10 March 2021


By Denise 31 January 2021

The document I required was easy to access and download. You also provided additional letter templates which are extremely helpful also. I am grateful for the service you provide. Thank you sincerely

By SUZANNE 09 January 2021

By Sukhbinder Singh 26 December 2020

I have sent the form to DVLA awaiting outcome.

By Simon Murwalt Young 19 December 2020

Easy site to navigate.
Document template easy to use
Good service!

By Peter Robertson 18 December 2020

Very simple to follow and straight forward.

By N ORAKZAI 24 November 2020

It was very good

By Vicky 17 September 2020

Iit was a very good template I'm very pleased with it.
Thank you

By Rosemary May 13 September 2020

I easily found the form I urgently needed and the Factsheet that came with it was very, very helpfully.

By Moira MacQuaide 08 September 2020

The free template gave me exactly what I wanted - a set of words that would work as an official change of name. Hopefully it will be accepted by those organisations that I need to produce it for.

By Kenneth Cox 05 September 2020

Well it normally takes some searching for UK legal documents and looking at the costs for a service like Deed poll are massive if you think about it being just a formally written affidavit with inclusion of witnesses how can my registrar charge £65 for what I could down load from NetLawman for free... 5Star service I thank you .

By Caroline 27 August 2020

The template for change of name by deed poll was easy to use with instructions that were very clear. The only improvement would be if there was a template for wording to certify a copy of the original document so that can be sent to relevant organisations.

By Simon 27 August 2020

I work for a young person's homeless hostel. We currently have a resident using an assumed name as they consider their gender to be non-binary and as such that the birth name is a "dead name".
Having asked why they hadn't already dropped their "dead name" legally, I was told it was due to costs associated with doing so.
By following the advice published on your website I was able to assist the resident by providing a cost free solution and directed them to your website and template.
This will make a huge difference to the quality of life of the resident by making their chosen name official on all legal documentation in future, without the need to get into awkward conversations when they aren't pertinent to the business in hand.
I'd like to thank you for your professional help and I will recommend Net Lawman to others in future.
Simon, Support Worker


Very clear instructions on the paperwork

By Andrew 22 August 2020

Quickly found the information and required document. It was written in plain english and very easily edited to suit.

By Suzanne 17 August 2020

Thank you so much for the template, especially when other companies are charging for the service and not making it known that you can actually do it yourself for free. Accepted by the bank so I am really pleased that I found your website, saved myself money and have now changed my name. Excellent Service - thanks again

By Tracey 17 August 2020

Brilliant deed poll document that was easy to download, complete and very easy to use, in order to change my name. No issues at all. Thank you!