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By Samantha Saxby 03 April 2020

A thorough, detailed document. Easy to edit to my requirements. I appreciated the plain English. The "guide to editing legal documents" which comes with the document was very useful too.

By John Naylor 10 October 2016

I have used your documents several times before in different situations and found them to be easy to use due to the flexibility of the clauses which can be easily amended and deleted.
Your explanations are simple and helpful and there is always your checking service to fall back on if required.
Cost and convenience are the two main reasons I continue to use your documents.

By Konstantinos Chatzichristofis 15 February 2015

Very good! It covers everything that most employers need.

By Heidi Cook 11 September 2014

The Zero hours contract that I purchased was a huge help to me and I am grateful for your service. I have a small business and, whilst initially we employed a Solicitor to draw up an Employment contract, it does not cover everything or indeed update. As I said we are very small but come under the same laws as a huge corporate. There is no way we could afford to cover ourselves against all the legal dangers and changes if it was not for a service like yours.

By Warren Ricketts 12 May 2014

Brilliant! Should have sorted this contract for my employees ages ago.Seems to cover every angle, easy to use and understand.Very pleased.

By Norman Court 20 April 2014

Very helpful, provides a template from which to create our own needs.

By Tim Parsons 28 September 2013

Very comprehensive and easy to understand and modify.

By Elizabeth Mold 23 September 2013

My staff already had contracts but I needed a zero hours for the correct wording. So I was very pleased when I purchased yours. It was just right. Very easy to work with and I just incorporated /revamped with my existing contracts.

By JON DAWSON 18 August 2013

I have always been very pleased with the quality of documents provided and with your service.

By Joan Burroughs 12 June 2014

I liked the document I purchased and will use you again if I need similar services.

By DAVID CRIDDLE 13 April 2014

User-friendly and comprehensive document.

By Michael Johns 13 September 2013

Comprehensive document, easily amended to suit. Well worth the money.

By Patrick Price 29 March 2013

Great service , thanks

By Lionel Mason 11 March 2013

Comprehensive document, results in very long contract for base level employees. Could do with some expanded guidelines for small business owners, to help make judgements on what can be edited out and what is statutory.

Net Lawman responds 29 May 2013

You are absolutely right Lionel. Employment law is complicated and there is a lot of it to cover. In most areas, there is "the law", which we interpret as best we can to suit your circumstances. What we provide is text which empowers you as far as possible while keeping you within the law. Then we add contractual provisions to protect your business. We would not advise you to delete anything simply because you are a small business.