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By Matthew Layzell 16 February 2014

This document provided an invaluable platform which I could develop and tailor to meet my own specific requirements. I found the service extremely easy and the document was clear, informative and very easy to adapt. I feel confident that my new employees will be able to read and fully understand the terms of their employment and I as the employer have gained piece of mind in knowing that I have a document in place that is legible and official. I would wholeheartedly recommended this document to any potential new employer.

By Dawn Warrington 07 July 2015

No mention of apprenticeship.

Otherwise very easy to use (if a little long) and seems to tie up everything else you can think of.

Couldn't see how the bit about Intellectual Property was really going to be relevant to your average electrician / plumber.

Net Lawman responds 11 August 2015

Apprenticeship has additional legal issues. Rather than load into every employment contract, we offer a separate one for apprentice employment. As for IP and plumbers, we would probably bet against you !